Remember The Commodore 64?

by William

Norton Internet Security 2012

Norton Internet Security 2012

I just stumbled upon your site really. Your information on the Virus Removal pages has made me think about using more security on the Mac Book Pro I use.

I was thinking about investing in the Norton Security Software Suite. Would that be something you would recommend, or not?

Anyway, yes, as you mention the Sinclair ZX Spectrum I thought I would tell you all about my Commodore 64. This was my first ever computer. It was a Christmas present.

When I think now how long those games used to take to load (Cassette tapes – Does anybody remember using those?), it's mad!

Then of course it would get half way through and it would crash for absolutely no reason what so ever, and you would have to start loading your game all over again. Aaarrrghhh. All for a football manager game!

Embarrassingly I only bought my first Laptop in 2007 (a Dell) and was using a borrowed chunk of a PC on dial-up before that. I really liked the Dell and never had any problems at all.

However I took the plunge and bought a Mac Book Pro (second hand on Gumtree) last year and absolutely love it. It did take a bit of getting used to I have to say but wouldn't be without it now.

I mostly use the Mac Book Pro for my work related projects and my 4 year old uses the Dell for his Disney Junior games. He's not getting his hands on the Mac just yet!

I also have a I-pod touch. Well... I think it's mine but the wee lad thinks otherwise. I am also badly in need of a phone upgrade. The Samsung Galaxy's look pretty cool. But I would settle for anything.

Cheers for all your info and advice. It is very much appreciated.

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Aug 14, 2012
ZX Spectrum Forever!
by: Steve

Hello William. Many Thanks for creating your own web page.

Norton Security Software gets lots of mixed reviews on the Internet Forums. The Pro's generally range from easy to install to good malicious website blocking.

However, there seems to more Con's than Pro's. Con's range from very difficult to uninstall and expensive for what you get, to various problems once the solution is installed - PC Crashes and poor performance.

My own experiences with Norton products is generally positive. Norton Ghost, a program that takes copies of computer systems, is excellent and efficient. I have used the Anti-Virus program previously and found it to be OK in what it does.

Retro computing is an interest close to my heart. I was pleased to read about your experiences. I was (and still am) a Speccy fan through and through. Granted the graphics were not a good on the Commodore, but it was a great system all the same.

My favourite games included Daley Thompson's Decathlon (The Joystick destroyer!) and Kenny Dalglish's Soccer Manager.

I remember the heartache and pain when the tape failed to load your favourite game. It usually happened right at the end of a about 6 minutes of waiting.

The Spectrum had this habit of loading your game, then soon as you pressed a key on the keyboard, or moved your Joystick, it would restart. The rage then sadness you would feel would be unbearable!

Having said that I recall the Spectrum with great fondness. I have a collection of retro games (originals, on tape) and several Sinclair consoles, including the rare Spectrum 128K+.

I had a Samsung Galaxy Smart phone up until my previous contract finished last year. It is a good android phone although like most smart phones the battery life reduces over time and moving between options can slow down if you have lots of text messages, images and video footage hosted.

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