Will Be Buying A
New Computer Soon

by Dan Dietrich
(Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)

Zoostorm Desktop PC

Zoostorm Desktop PC

Q. How did you come by my website, and how has the information provided helped you with your computing issues?

A. I typed "latest information on home computers" into Google and I eventually saw your site.

Q. How long have you been using computers? How much did you pay for that whopping 10MB Hard Drive?

A. I've worked with computers for 20+ years probably much longer. I am retired now at 54 and am about to buy a new computer.

Q. What do you use computers for? Home Accounts? Home Schooling? Gaming? etc.

A. I generally just use my computer for taxes, email and the occasional gaming. I help other friends when they have a problem they can't solve. I too enjoy teaching whenever I can.

Q. Do you own other technologies? iPADs, Smart Phones, Tablet Computers? Tell us about them!

A. I bought my partner a Pentium with an i5 system. It's so much faster than my Pentium 4 32 bit 2.9 Ghz. So much so that I want to upgrade. I've had this computer for about 8 or so years but it's just too slow for me now.

What I was wondering is what's the best thing to buy around the $1,000.00 (cdn) mark? I would hate to buy something and then find out that they're coming out with something much better shortly after although I know that computers change fairly quickly.

Thanks for any help.


My Reply

Hello Dan. Many Thanks for taking the time to complete the web form, and many apologies it has taken me a while to respond.

$1000 CDN is about £550. As you are aware there are lots of variations in type of desktops, laptops and tablet computers available on the market today; on both sides of the Atlantic.

Intel Core i3+ CPU's are much better than traditional Intel Pentium CPU's. With quad processing power they are lightening quick in comparison!

For around £550 in the UK I would expect, at the time of writing, to get a machine along the lines of the following specifications:

Desktop Computer
• Intel Core i7-4790 (3.6Ghz, 8MB Cache)
• 16GB RAM (DDR3)
• 1TB SATA HDD (Possibly Solid State)
• Intel HD 4600 Graphics Card
• High Definition Audio (5.1 Channel)
• Lots of ports and expansion slots to improve your machine in future
• Latest Windows O/S

An example of this type of spec is the Zoostorm Desktop PC

• Intel Core i5-4210 (2.6Ghz, 3MB cache)
• 4GB RAM (Max 16GB)
• 500GB HDD 7200 RPM
• Intel HD 4600 Graphics Card
• Stereo Speakers
• Wireless & Bluetooth
• Between 4 and 7 hours battery life
• Latest Windows O/S

An example of this type of spec is the Toshiba Protégé R30-A-1CN Laptop

All-In-One Desktop Computer
• Intel Core i5-4440S (2.8Ghz Haswell Chipset)
• 8GB RAM (DDR3)
• 21.5 Non Touch Screen
• High Definition Audio (5.1 Channel)
• Wired, Wireless & Bluetooth connectivity
• Fewer ports than traditional desktop PC's but sufficient for home use
• Latest Windows O/S

An example of this type of spec is the Zoostorm AIO Desktop PC

For an extra £350 ($1700 CDN) there are option such as the Apple MacBook Air 11, with i5 CPU’s, 4GB RAM and 256GB PCIe-based flash storage (smaller in size but much quicker).

I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect for your expenditure, and is of some help. Please let me know what you eventually bought.



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