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April 2021 - Get Your Ultimate BIOS Update Guide -- eBits n ByteZ -- Issue #016
April 01, 2021

Welcome To The eComputerZ Monthly Newsletter

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Introducing the eComputerZ Author

Hello everyone, and welcome to the April 2021 edition of the eBits n ByteZ newsletter. I hope this finds you well.

We've had quite a take-up of new subscribers in the last month, and it dawned on me that I haven't formally introduced myself, or eComputerZ, to everyone.

The About page is a good place to start, but I'm thinking about doing a short video just to explain who I am and what is available on the eComputerZ site. I'll let you all know when it's done.

Get Your Ultimate BIOS Update Guide

New subscribers have been downloading The Ultimate BIOS Update Guide.

Updating your computer's BIOS can be complex, and by the number of requests for help I receive, I felt the need to write a guide to support you through the update process.

The guide includes a checklist of important actions to perform, additional supporting information, and my unique approach for sourcing the latest BIOS versions released for your devices.

Subscribers only can download. If you are reading this and haven't subscribed, go to Subscription page and sign up!

The eComputerZ Census 2021

Would you be so kind as to spend a moment completing the eComputerZ Census 2021?

It's only 3 quick questions, and it will provide me with great insights in to what you would like to see on my site.

What is your BIGGEST Technology Challenge that you would like to see eComputerZ tackle?

Click or tap the link or button below to complete.

The eComputerZ Census 2021

What's New

I have tweaked the font size and formatting of all eComputerZ articles and pages.

This ensures the font is large and clear enough to read on mobile devices.

I've also added a button that appears in the bottom right of the screen, so you can easily make it back to the top of the screen at any time.

I have also made changes to the site header. To be honest, I was in two minds whether to make this change or not, but decided to take the plunge. Hope you like it.

Also, take a look at the redesigned footer. I'm quite proud of it, and hope it helps direct you to your other areas of interest when you finish reading one of the site articles.

Speaking of articles, I've added a new troubleshooting article focusing on identifying, diagnosing and resolving hard disk drive problems.

Click or tap the link or button below to read.

The Hard Disk Drive Failure Fix Article

Did You Know....

On Monday 5th April it is national Flash Drive day?

People celebrate this day by appreciating the device’s versatility and remembering the less fortunate by donating their unused devices to charities, educational institutions, hospitals, or to a friend in need.

Fun facts:- USB drives are not affected by electromagnetic interference, and you can overwrite the data stored on a USB drive up to 1 million times!

It got me thinking about just how fast technology is advancing. The first USB pen could only hold 8Mb, and they were only available to buy in Singapore at the turn of the century!

Today, 2Tb USB pens are the norm. What a great little invention.

How will you celebrate national Flash Drive day? Drop me a line and let me know.

Unusual Technology News You Might Have Missed

I thought I would bring you some of the more unusual technology stories I've picked up on over the past month, such as the iPhone 11 that survived 6 months in a lake.

It is worth noting I had nothing to do with this, even though the event occurred in Harrison lake :D

Did you see this one about the robot that has a flatulence problem?. It has to be seen to be believed :)

And finally, if you are a 80s child like me, you love this video of the Airwolf theme tune being played using 8 floppy disk drives

If you don't know what Airwolf is, watch the video anyway and see old floppy disk technology is action.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read this month's newsletter. If you need any help or support, or would like to get in touch for any reason, please do so.

April will see the release for further troubleshooting articles. Keep an eye out for those.

Until next time, take a moment to review my social media platforms. Feel free to like or follow.

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