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The eComputerZ newsletter, eBits N ByteZ, aims to bring to you the latest information regarding computer technology straight to your inbox. I work in the IT industry and have access to lots of insider IT information relevant to every day consumers such as you.

I want to share this information with you, on a regular basis. This information cover things like the latest, planned, releases from Microsoft, Apple or Hewlett-Packard, and hints and tips to make the best use of the hardware and software you own.

I also give you exclusive access to things like new pages and planned changes to Free downloads such as eBooks full of useful information are to be made available to you.

I aim to share the eBits n ByteZ e-zine with you every few months. This way your inbox is not overburdened but you keep your finger on the pulse with what is going on in IT that is relevant to you. The newsletter does all the work so you don't have to!

Of course this is a 2-way street. Do you have information about something new or exciting in IT? A new software release or hardware product for example. What about games consoles, printers,  internal hardware components or your experiences using technology?

Nothing IT related is off limits. Tell me what you want to see on site and/or in future issues by completing the form below.

I really want my site to be one that you enjoy and re-visit, therefore would really value your input.

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