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eComputerZ provides details about computing fundamentals e.g. computer componenst, and technical support advice for your computer, Laptop and Mobile Devices in an easy to understand way.

eComputerZ also covers Cyber Security, including how to keep yourself stay safe online, and protect your devices from malware and viruses.

Computing from the past and future development are also covered on eComputerZ.

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Oct 09, 2018

Computer Hardware Components Introduction

Know your computer hardware components to help troubleshoot and repair your personal computer problems

Continue reading "Computer Hardware Components Introduction"

Oct 07, 2018

PC Randomly Shuts Down

One of the most weird problems with my home PC started unexpectedly, as they all do. My PC was about 4 years old and running fine. My PC would suddenly

Continue reading "PC Randomly Shuts Down"

Oct 07, 2018

Apple Mac Book Pro Performance Problems

I have an Apple MacBook that is several years old. I am a designer and use heavy design programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator and other Adobe Creative

Continue reading "Apple Mac Book Pro Performance Problems"

Oct 07, 2018

How to Properly Clean Your Computer

Does your box need a good clean up? We are not talking about software or virus removal here! If you have noticed the dust creeping from inside the ventilation

Continue reading "How to Properly Clean Your Computer"

Oct 07, 2018

Computer Hard Drive Repair

I bought a new computer but still had my old, secondary hard drive from my old computer that was no longer working. The secondary drive (80GB) was originally

Continue reading "Computer Hard Drive Repair"

Oct 07, 2018

Basic Computer Training | Troubleshooting

Basic Computer Training focuses on basic troubleshooting approaches, hints, tips and tricks to help you save time and money by fixing computer issues yourself

Continue reading "Basic Computer Training | Troubleshooting"

Sep 30, 2018

BIOS Update Via Program or Software Utility Available

I have an American Megatrends BIOS MotherBoard. However, in the BIOS Setup there is NO OPTION for SATA Controller and other Configurations. I have a Sony

Continue reading "BIOS Update Via Program or Software Utility Available"

Sep 30, 2018

Basic Computer Knowledge | Hardware and Software

Basic Computer Knowledge provides an entry level education that enables you to both understand and configure technology so you get the best out of your computing investments financially, productively and securely

Continue reading "Basic Computer Knowledge | Hardware and Software"

Sep 23, 2018

Basic Computer Learning | IT Fundamentals

Basic Computer Learning covers the fundamentals you need to know for understanding how computers work, which provides a platform for both maintaining and troubleshooting your own devices

Continue reading "Basic Computer Learning | IT Fundamentals"

Sep 16, 2018

Computer Help is here for you

Computer help enables every day technology users understand how their devices work, how to troubleshoot, and what is happening in the IT Industry

Continue reading "Computer Help is here for you"

Sep 09, 2018

WannaCry Ransomware Attack Explained

How did the WannaCry Ransomware Attack Manage To Infect So Many Computers Across The Globe?

Continue reading "WannaCry Ransomware Attack Explained"

Sep 09, 2018

Optional Computer Repair Technician Tools

Computer Repair Technician Tools are wide and varied. Here we look at some options tools to add to your kit bag. Can you leave them out?

Continue reading "Optional Computer Repair Technician Tools"

Sep 08, 2018

Computer Toolkit Components and Cables

What components and cables should you include in your computer toolkit? Read on to find out

Continue reading "Computer Toolkit Components and Cables"

May 26, 2018

Privacy Policy for eComputerZ

Privacy Policy for eComputerZ

Continue reading "Privacy Policy for eComputerZ"

Jan 01, 2018

eComputerZ Newsletter | Sign Up | Back Issues

Signup for the eCompuerZ Newsletter and read back issues for the latest IT news, hints and tips

Continue reading "eComputerZ Newsletter | Sign Up | Back Issues"

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