ALL SP links for win xp are gone!

by Old UNIX Guy
(Colorado Springs)

Microsoft has removed all vestiges Windows XP Service Pack (SP) links!

So for those of us who STILL have to maintain Windows XP AND we are rebuilding because of a failure, WE are screwed because we cant get the Service Pack. In my case SP3.

I dont have an option since the software I have to run ONLY runs on Windows XP.

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Jan 04, 2017
Windows XP SP3 SP3 Download Link
by: Steve

Hello Old UNIX Guy,

I feel your pain! There are still plenty of applications, games and utilities that are still dependent on Windows XP. Often the backward compatibility mode in Windows 7 through to Windows 10 do not always work properly.

I often use VMWare Player or the Oracle VM VirtualBox to host Windows XP. I also backup the snapshot of the Ooperating System setup so I can restore at any time.

This approach means I can test, check, make mistakes etc., and reset the virtual image back to the beginning in little to no time at all.

If you want to keep Windows XP on an older PC or Laptop, take an image of your machine at the point you are happy with the clean setup. This enables you to reset when something goes wrong, taking the time and pain out of rebuilding manually. Software such as CloneZilla, an open source application, is an excellent free tool to image your machine with.

If you want to take an image of the operating system only, online tools such as Nanite can take the time of out of installing multiple applications.

Fortunately there are plenty of other locations where you can still get Windows XP Service Pack 3.

See the CCN link for example. A quick Google search brings back other sites with the Serice Pack for download too.

I hope this helps,



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