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Computer tablets are next generation computing devices suitable for convenience and mobile working. This is a rapidly growing market with new models released all the time.

They signalled the decline in worldwide PC sales when the Apple iPad, released in 2010, proved to be a hit with consumers such as me and you.

Evolving coverage, speed and stability of wireless technology, and the global cultural demand for lightweight, portable computers with instant Internet access, fuelled the popularity of tablet devices.

Processing power, memory and graphics improved to such an extent that components are made smaller with less heat output than in previous computing generations.

These factors and more culminate in to what we see today; the proliferation of computer tablets of all types, sizes and specifications.

Do you know which make and model best suits you at this time? In truth, me neither. Even computing professionals find it difficult to keep up with the latest trends!

Montage of Tablet DevicesMontage of Tablet Devices

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Due to the nature of mobile devices and how the market is rapidly evolving, it doesn't make sense to offer you a 'review of best devices', page.

Information like this becomes outdated very quickly. Besides, this type of information is available, and maintained, on hundreds of other websites.

Instead this section focuses on things like:

  • Your considerations before buying such as performance, features and technical support

  • The different types of mobile devices such as Slates, Mini Tablets and Tablet Notebooks (or 'Laplets')

We also focus specifically on the Apple iPad due to its global popularity. Discussions on gestures, software updates and security transcend across all touch screen devices.

This means even though the focus is on iPads, the same principles apply to other mobile devices.

Table of Contents

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  2. Tablet Computer Review
  3. Computer Tablets Final Thoughts
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Apple iPad Series

We begin with a 5 part series on the Apple iPad. This mobile device is currently the most popular tablet in the world. Even the Business market is buying in to Apple mobile technology.

However, in IT these things don't tend to appear out of nowhere, even though this appears to be the case. They tend to evolve, through trial and error, with lots of mishaps along the way.

In Part 1, the Apple iPad Revolution (Opens New Window), we review the rise to fame of this device, starting in 2010 with the release of the first generation iPad.

We also look at some of the IT Industries early efforts at mobile computing. In fact, the notion of mobile computing goes back over 40 years!

Montage of iPads3-Generation Montage of Apple iPads

Part 2 looks at how to make the best use of your iPad. We review the standard features such as cameras and volume control, and explain the different options for interacting and multitasking on your device.

This means looking at different gestures (tap, drag, pinch etc.) and running multiple apps at the same time. This section includes charts and video's to help aid understanding.

iPad Gesture Introduction ChartApple iPad Gesture Chart for Beginners

We also look at ways to manage your apps and apply some basic but often forgotten security settings.

I call this section Your iPad Manual (Opens New Window), but a lot of the detail here is applicable to other iOS and even Android mobile devices.

Part 3 focuses on security. Computer tablets are a magnet to thieves and criminals who want to steal your device or your data off it.

What would you do if someone stole your device containing sentimental and personal information, photographs and all your passwords?

One useful tool is called Find My iPad (Opens New Window). Once enabled it allows you to track your devices movements, send an alert out and even erase your data so no one else gets their hands on it (Backed up first of course!)

iCloud Lost iPad MessageLost iPad Message Sent From iCloud

Computer tablets, like their PC and Laptop predecessors, receive application and operating system updates.

iPad Updates (Opens New Window) looks at the 12 main steps in applying the latest iOS updates to your computer tablet.

The process is straightforward. However I suspect many iPad owners do not update as frequently as they should. All too often people think updating computers is too complicated.

They tend to think the worst: 'What happens if the update fails and my device stops working'?

Part 4 looks to dispel this myth and get people on to the latest and most secure versions of software available.

iOS version 8.x (Opens New Window) is subtly different in its installation approach.

Part 5 demonstrates demonstrates how to apply iOS 8.x. I suspect future iOS updates to follow a similar process.

Read each of the iOS update tutorials and be in a good position to deal with future iOS versions like a professional!

Apple iPad iOs UpdatingComputer Tablets
Apple iPad iOs Updating

Part 6 (Opens New Window) and last in this series pulls together all the latest news stories from around the world to do with the iPad computer tablet.

The Google news feed updates on a daily basis so be sure to check back regularly for the latest information on your favourite mobile device.

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Tablet Computer Review

Tablet Notebook Computers (Opens New Window) is a common name for tablet based devices that come with detachable keyboards or input devices that swivel 180° behind the tablet screen.

These Hybrid devices are set to become very popular in 2015 and beyond. As the capabilities of tablet devices improve, you can have the best of both laptop and tablet worlds.

In this tutorial we look at the benefits of such a device in today's world. We also look at what your considerations should be when buying one of these devices.

Panasonic Toughpad With 4K Screen ResolutionPanasonic Toughpad With 4K Screen Resolution

A relative of the notebook is the Touch Screen Tablet Computer (Opens New Window). The popularity of such devices is ever increasing, and there is more choice in today's market other than the Apple iPad!

As with notebooks there are considerations to take in to account before buying one of the many devices available today. Have you considered all the options?

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Computer Tablets
Final Thoughts

Whatever your tablet of choice is - iPad Air 2/Mini 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab S or the Google Nexus 9 - you must ensure you keep your device safe and secure, but above all, enjoy what you device offers by making use of all the features available that are relevant to you!

Tablet computers are here to stay, and are set to exceed PC/Laptop worldwide sales in 2015. Falling prices of worldwide tablet devices is helping!

Just like computers, don't let different specifications, operating systems or accessories grind you down when buying your device. Know your needs, find a device that meets those needs (and price range!) and take the plunge.

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