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Device Drivers on a Dell Resource CDDevice Drivers on a Dell Resource CD

Some Site Contributors Web Pages

Completely Lost ALL Sound
A baffling experience for Derrick as his computer lost all sound for no reason, and mysteriously returned following a reboot. What happened? Take a look to find out

Extremely Efficient Malware Removal Tool
Dolores from St George, Utah, is part of a Computer Club in a Senior Community, and recommends Malwarebytes  as one of the best tools to protect club members computers. I agree with her assertion. MBAM is fantastic and is one of my essential programs when building new machines

McAfee AV Good Solid Program
Brendan from Portland, Oregon, recommends the McAfee Anti-Virus Quick Clean option to improve computer performance. McAfee splits opinion. Some love their products and some do not. It is one to make up your own mind on

My Technical Experiences
Claire from Massachusetts explains her technical issues with her Brother Printer leaving smudge marks and how she resolved the issue. Brother printers are generally fine but I find you tend to get what you pay for. Buy cheap and you tend to experience technical issues and expensive consumables (cartridges etc.)

OpenDNS FamilyShield
How to protect your family from the darker side of the Internet. DNS Angel is also recommended

Computer Protection Security
In addition to OpenDNS, this excellent computer-help article by contributor Thomas Milva focuses on other elements of security we all should consider, including a decent VPN (Opens New Window) or Virtual Private Network connection to the Internet from all of our devices

Trusteer Rapport
The recommended online banking security software causes lots of issues for home computer users. Read Cynthia's story. I personally never use Trusteer Rapport and don;t see the need for anyone else to either, so long as you have the right security setup on your devices

Apple Mac Book Pro Performance Problems
See how Ilse from Mexico got her ageing Mac Book performing again like it was new. There is a lessons here for all of us today in that we can learn how to prolong the life of our devices without having to spend huge amounts of money. We don't need to 'keep up with the Joneses'!

AVG Concerns
Ian from London explains the issues he experience when using the AVG Anti-Virus program, and why he moved to Microsoft Security Essentials. Note Windows Defender (Opens New Window) replaced MSE and is an excellent Anti-virus solution

Why use Defraggler over the native defregmenting tools available in Windows? Robin tells you why on his web page. This is another excellent tool for improving the speed of your devices

Computer Hard Drive Repair
Christina from Opelika, Alabama, explains how she resolved an issue with adding an existing hard drive in to a new computer

McAfee Customer Service Problems
A good example of bad customer service. Do you have a similar experience to share? In the era of Social Media Companies are growing wise to the power word of mouth (in the form of posts and reviews) can have on their business

Revo Uninstaller
This is a great free tool that helps remove stubborn applications from your machine. This is another must have application for cleanly removing stubborn (badly written) software that can leave a 'trail of destruction' in their wake

BIOS Access When Fast Boot Is Enabled
What is Fast Boot? How do you access it in Windows 10? How do you disable it in BIOS/UEFI? Often overlooked for maintaining/patching, The BIOS/UEFI is just as vulnerable as other software on your device

Buying A New Computer Soon
Dan from Canada was looking to buy a new computer. He had a budget of around $1000 and understood what he wanted his computer to do. See my response for what my recommendations to Dan was

Do You Have a Dell Laptop Query?
This contribution from Galenka in Russia triggered a series of follow up questions and answers, ranging from battery issues to Hard Disk errors. Take a look to see if there is any advise that can help you

Steve from Manchester uses the HijackThis utility to see what services and programs are loaded on his machine when troubleshooting potential malware attacks. The utility is free but note it is no longer being updated. However it is still useful. Read the contribution thoroughly so you know what you are doing!

Wireless Issues
This article was written by Jordan in Canada several years ago, but is still relevant in that the basics of wireless technology has not changed in the proceeding years, despite the wireless evolution in more recent years

Always Download Drivers Manually
As mentioned at the start of this page, Otis from the USA advises never to download drivers using a download manager application such as those offered by Dell. I also advise to wait a short period of time before downloading the latest versions, as often the first release is withdrawn or quickly updated when bugs are identified

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