BIOS Update Via Program or Software Utility Available

by Vivek Chaudhari
(Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India)

Sony Viao Vibrant Colours

Sony Viao Vibrant Colours

I have an American Megatrends BIOS Motherboard. However, in the BIOS Setup there is NO OPTION for SATA Controller and other Configurations.

I have a Sony Viao Laptop Series VPCCB15FG.

The other problem I have encountered is that in BIOS Setup Motherboard name show that VPCCB15FG But NOT in DXXXX number.

Hello Vivek. Many Thanks for taking the time to write your web page. It is very much appreciated.

First, I like the Laptop you own. I am familiar with the Sony Viao but not this particular model.

The translucent plastic green, orange or black lids are very striking and make your Laptop stand out.

I have added an image to your page, so other visitors can understand my perspective.

It has a decent sized High Definition (HD) Screen, a good Intel i5 2.3Ghz processor and enough Random Access Memory (RAM) to cover most tasks.

It also has a good range of ports (USB, HDMI,
Bluetooth etc.).

Regarding the SATA controller options and other configurations, the first thing you can do is go to the Sony website and update the BIOS to the latest version for your Laptop model.

My understanding is your Sony Viao model comes with a 500 GB SATA Hard Drive, so I would expect there to be a presence in the machines BIOS Settings.

If the SATA settings cannot be change in the latest version of the BIOS, you could download the latest SATA drivers from the Sony website. They may give some options to play with.

I know the frustration when you cannot identify the motherboard to locate the correct BIOS update. If the CPU-Z tool does not identify it for you, try another tool, such as the Belarc Advisor.

Alternatively, go to the Sony website or call Sony Support, and they will be able to tell you the motherboard information you need.

I hope the information above helps you to overcome your problems, Vivek. Good luck.



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