By Stephen Harrison B.Sc., M.Sc., MBCS, CITP

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Home Page

A site delivering high-quality computer help for everyone, whether it is resolving technical issues, learning about technology, or discovering computing history


Learn about what inspired me to create this site, and why the information and advice I provide can be trusted

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eComputerZ Blog

Keeping you up to date with all the latest additions and changes to eComputerZ

Computer Help

Computer-help is a collection of stories, help, advice and suggestions from site contributors

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Newsletter and Back Issues

Sign up for the eCompuerZ Newsletter and read all the published newsletter back issues for the latest IT news, hints and tips

Back Issue #001

Covering iOS 9, Windows 10 and new site content fulfilling all of your computing needs

Back Issue #002

Covering DDoS attacks, Microsoft's new Edge Web Browser, Wearable technology and all the new site articles

Back Issue #003

Covering eComputerz on Social Media, and topics ranging from ransomware to the Hollie Guard app, and more!

Back Issue #004

We continue to look at eComputerz on Social Media, and cover the new pages recently released!

Back Issue #005

In this issue we look at the big IT news items and some other stories that will be of interest

Back Issue #006

What to look out for in 2018 - From augmented reality to wireless charging of mobile devices

Back Issue #007

eComputerZ is back with a BANG! Exciting site design changes and new content heading your way

Back Issue #008

eComputerZ Evolution Continues with three new articles covering alt codes, Raspberry Pi's and Internet searching

Back Issue #009

Read three new articles this month covering wireless, broadband and cloud computing

Back Issue #010

Four new articles including the Internet, Wireless, File Management and Backups

Back Issue #011

Take look at how to install RAM, how monitors work and how to install sound cards

Back Issue #012

Read all about Tablet Computer Accessories, Operating Systems and App Stores

Back Issue #013

Focusing on cyber security including multi factor authentication, identity theft and software patching 

Back Issue #14

More cyber security articles, site archive update and a full sitemap revamp which I'm quite proud of

Back Issue #15

Introducing the Password Generator Tool and articles on Security, Wireless Troubleshooting and the BIOS

Back Issue #16

Introducing the BIOS Update guide, how to diagnose and fix faulty HDDs, what's new, and National USB Day

Back Issue #17

Introducing the art of troubleshooting computer problems like a professional, and national password day

Back Issue #18

Reviewing key moments in our recent computer history, site improvements, national selfie day, and social media day

Back Issue #19

Historical moments in computing history and the plans for new technical articles

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Latest Technology News

Technology News Daily tells you about up to the minute technology related news stories from across the world

Latest Computer News

Find the latest computer news and articles from around the world, right at your fingertips

Latest Hardware News

Find the latest to the minute hardware related news stories from across the world

Latest Laptop News

Find the latest laptop news and articles from around the world, right at your fingertips

Latest Tablet News

Find the latest tablet news and articles from around the world, right at your fingertips

Latest iPad News

Delivering the latest iPad news and articles you need to know from all around the world

Latest Malware News

Find the latest malware news and articles from around the world, right at your fingertips

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Computer Basics

Basic Computer Learning covers the fundamentals for understanding how computers work, providing a platform for maintaining and troubleshooting your devices

Computer Introduction

This is your beginners guide to what computers are and how they work in all their forms

Hardware Components

Know your hardware components to help troubleshoot your personal computer problems

How The Internet Works

We all use the Internet, so this article describes how the Internet works for basic computer learners

Home Broadband Setup

Customize your home broadband setup like a professional by receiving a signal, and securing your connection

What Is Fibre Broadband?

Fibre Broadband is a technology allowing for faster Internet download speeds needed in today's world

How Wireless Works

This article explains the basics of modern wireless technology and how it works inside your home

Searching The Internet

Understanding how to search the Internet properly will save you a lot of time and effort

Basic Cloud Computing

Understanding cloud computing is essential when our applications are moving here

File Management System

Explaining file management system for organizing your personal data

Backup Files and Folders

Understanding how to backup files and folders is a basic computer skill we all need to learn

Sound Card Definition

What is your sound card definition? What are the capabilities of the modern day sound card? Find out here

CPU Speed

CPU Speed is important to your computers performance. We look at what processors are, how they work, and where speed comes in to it

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Computer Knowledge

Basic Computer Knowledge provides an entry-level education enabling you to understand and configure technology to get the best out of your computing investments


Reviewing the American Megatrends BIOS, i.e. What are the beep codes? How do you update BIOS settings?


A review of the American Megatrends BIOS Update process. What tools you need, and pitfalls to avoid

Check BIOS Version

Checking your BIOS version is an important step when updating to the latest vendor release

UEFI Firmware

UEFI Firmware is a replacement for the computer BIOS. Find out more here

Solid State Hard Drive

Solid State Hard Drive technology is available at affordable prices. What are they and are they suitable for you?

How To Upgrade RAM

Upgrading RAM improve performance. This article teaches you how to do it like a professional

Sound Card Installation

Installing a Sound Card tutorial is easy. Follow the steps and learn how to do it professionally

Sound Card Drivers

My approach to installing sound card drivers works for any other sound card make and model

How Monitors Work

This article describes different monitors, their characteristics, and how graphics appear on screen

iPad Manual

The iPad Manual show you how to use your Tablet better than you are now. See the hidden Tips and Tricks section!

Find My iPad

If you lose or have your iPad stolen, there are ways to track its whereabouts. Learn how here

How To Make Alt Codes

Guidance on how to make alt codes and a link to a free downloadable reference sheet

All Alt Codes and Symbols

The searchable table of all alt codes to easily find what you are looking for

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Tablet Computer Basics

Computer Tablets are not just for Generation Z. Learn how to use these devices like a whizz kid or a professional

What is a Tablet Computer?

Let's start answering with what these devices are and the different types available today

Tablet Notebook Computer

This review  focuses on what you need to know to make informed purchasing decisions

Touchscreen Tablet Computer

Tablets provide many benefits in today's society. What are they, and what issues can they cause?

Computer Tablet Accessories Part 1

A review of the different types of tablet accessories to make our lives easier

Computer Tablet Accessories Part 2

Part 2 is a review of additional types of tablet accessories to support and make our lives easier

Tablet Operating Systems

The Tablet O/S review looks at the advantages & issues with each of the main O/S' available today

Mobile App Stores

This article takes a look at the different mobile app stores and the different types of Apps that exist

Kids Tablets

Kids tablets are popular. All their friends have one. Find out here what you need to consider before buying

Tablets for Seniors

Tablets for seniors is an article on the considerations to be made when choosing a tablet for older people

Mobile & Tablet Knowledge

The mobile device & tablet knowledge article looks at all the practical uses for your tablet device

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Malware Basics

The sophisticated types of malware that exist today should not be underestimated. You are at serious risk if you do not protect yourself. Click to find out how

Best Computer Protection

The best computer protection advice available to keep you safe from dangerous computer threats

Computer Protection Security

Computer Protection Security is more important now than ever. How much do YOU know?

Software Application Security Patching Plan

A guide advising how home users can apply Business security techniques to patch software applications


How much data are smart devices collecting? Should we be worried? Is a Private VPN the answer?

Benefits of Multi 
Factor Authentication

A review of multi factor authentication , including how it works, and why it is better than standard login methods

Cyber Security and
Identity Theft

A cyber security review of identity theft, including how to avoid, having your identity stolen

Mobile Phone Security Awareness

This article describes the mobile phone security awareness needed today to keep our Smartphones cyber secure

How To Prevent Account Hacking

All you need to know about how to prevent account hacking and protecting your personal data

Social Media Privacy

Applying good social media privacy settings are critical to keeping your accounts secure

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the cornerstone of new technology, but how does this affect our safety?

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Basic computer training focuses on basic troubleshooting approaches, hints, tips and tricks to help you save time and money by fixing computer issues yourself

Computer Troubleshooting

This articles tells you how to troubleshoot technology properly, and stress free

PC Troubleshooting

This articles looks at how to resolve common PC problems and resolutions

Computer Repair Tutorial
Computer Tool Kit

Deciding what to include in your computer tool kit is tricky. Take a look at your options

Computer Repair Tutorial
PC Repair Tools

Tools like anti-static wristbands are often overlooked. Find out why they are important

Computer Repair Tutorial
PC Tool Kit

A technicians PC tool kit is incomplete without testers. Here we look at testers and their uses

Computer Repair Tutorial
Computer Repair Tools

Computer repair tools vary, including HDDs and Molex converters. This article reviews each

Computer Repair Tutorial
Computer Toolkit

What components and cables should you include in your computer toolkit?

Computer Repair Tutorial
Technician Tools

Here we look at some additional options tools to add to your kit bag. Can you leave them out?

Sound Card Troubleshooting

Is your sound card not working? Learn how to identify and fix your sound card problems

WiFi Not Working

Troubleshoot wireless connectivity issues with a variety of potential fixes for Wi-Fi services

WiFi Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot your wireless devices and fix common Wi-Fi connectivity issues

Hard Disk Drive Failure Fix

Diagnose failing HDD's before catastrophic failure and fix techniques

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2010's Computer History

2010s computer history is packed with activity as technology rapidly changed throughout the decade. Take a trip down memory lane

Raspberry Pi Computer

The Raspberry Pi originated in 2012 and its impact on society is mind blowing. Here is the story

iPad Revolution

The iPad Revolution shows you how this device evolved, and looks at the impact it made


How did WannaCry Manage To Infect So Many Computers Across The Globe?


Stuxnet was the dawn of a new era of large-scale state sponsored cyber warfare

The Truth About Cambridge Analytica

This reads more like fiction than fact. Check out what really happened here and how it is a lesson for us all

The Edward Snowden Leaks

The art of mass surveillance and the consequences for online privacy, now and for future generations

Silk Road Black Market

A look at the billion dollar website operating on the dark web and its ultimate downfall

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Site Articles | General
Old Software

Find old software tutorials and advice for legacy applications here, including why legacy software is still used today

Software Lessons
Dell Support Center Part 1

Showing you how to install the Dell Support Center software

Software Lessons
Dell Support Center Part 2

Unravel the Dell Support Center tool and maintain your Dell PC yourself

Software Lessons
Dell Support Center Part 3

Learn about more features in the Dell Computer Support Center in an easy-to-understand way

Dell Online

Dell Online Support shows you how to get quick responses from Dell's Support Technicians

Dell Support Drivers Discussion

Maintaining Dell Support drivers keeps your Dell PC in working order. Click to find out how

Apple iPad Updates

iPad Updates are released frequently. Don't let your device become outdated. Update today

Apple iPad v8 Update

iPad Update to iOS v8 is slightly different to iOS7. Learn how to do it here quickly and easily

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Site Articles | Cyber Security
Old Computer Software Programs

This page presents legacy site articles on old computer software programs focused on cyber security, including Malwarebytes and McAfee

Free Virus Removal
Software Part 1

Virus Removal Software protects your Computer. Decide which one is best for you

Free Virus Removal
Software Part 2

Free Computer Virus Scan looks at the latest programs freely available on anti virus websites

Free AVG Antivirus

Get the most out of the free AVG Antivirus software

Malwarebytes Part 1

Malwarebytes download and install guide for home computer users

Malwarebytes Part 2

Malwarebytes Anti Malware Configuration Options and Tips For Home Computer Users

McAfee Virus Remover

A review of McAfee Computer Virus Remover Tools like Stinger and GetSusp

Microsoft Malware Removal Tool

Learn about the Microsoft Malware Removal Tool and how it combats malicious software

Microsoft Security Essentials Part 1

How to download and install the Microsoft Free Anti Virus program for Windows 7 and above

Microsoft Security Essentials Part 2

Learn how to use Microsoft Security Essentials properly

Microsoft Security Essentials Part 3

Lean how to use Microsoft Security Essentials to protect your families computers, properly!

McAfee Removal Tool

Does the McAfee Removal Tool work? Find out in this review

McAfee Customer Service

Take advantage of McAfee's customer tools and alerts

McAfee Free Virus Scan Review

The McAfee Free Virus Scan program helps protect your computer

Norton Anti Virus Protection

Norton Anti Virus Protection Review and the future of virus protection

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Site Articles | Microsoft
Old Versions of Software Programs

This page presents legacy site articles on old versions of software programs produced by Microsoft, including Operating Systems and Web Browsers

Install Windows XP
How To Install XP P1

Part one of tutorial series on how to install XP Home Edition

Install Windows XP
Windows XP Install P2

The Windows XP Install tutorial shows how to install the O/S successfully

Install Windows XP
New Installs P3

This article looks at the final set of decisions to complete a Home Edition installation

Install Windows XP
Clean Install XP P4

Clean Install XP is the final part of the tutorial series on installing Windows XP Home Edition

Windows XP Updates
Part 1

Microsoft Windows XP Updates describes Microsoft Security Patching in an understandable way

Windows XP Updates
Part 2

Microsoft XP Updates shows how to identify updates your computer needs and apply them like an IT professional

XP Service Packs
Don't Download SP2

DO NOT Download XP SP2. Secure your computer by downloading Service Pack 3. Find out why here!

XP Service Packs
Download SP3

The Windows XP SP3 Download provides all the information you need on this most important of updates

Windows XP Recovery
System Restore

System Restore Windows XP explains how to use the System Recovery tool, protecting against crashes and viruses

Windows XP Recovery
Recovery Console

Use the Windows XP Recovery Console as an experienced IT Professional and minimise disruptions

Internet Explorer 8 Part1

How to make the best use of Internet Explorer 8, discovering updates and lots of hints and tips

Internet Explorer 8 Part 2

Make the best use of Internet Explorer Software by discovering updates and lots of hints and tips

Internet Explorer 8 Part 3

Introducing Internet Explorer Updates | Add Ons, Private Browsing, Parental Controls and Browsing History

Internet Explorer 8 Part 4

Internet Explorer Slow all the time? Learn how IT professionals speed up Internet Explorer quickly and easily

Internet Explorer Part 5

Is your Internet Explorer Running Slow? Don't accept poor web browsing performance. Learn how to fix it here

Internet Explorer Part 6

Step-by-Step Guide to Reinstall Internet Explorer 8. Sometimes this is necessary as a last resort

Internet Explorer 9

Is Internet Explorer 9 right for you? Explore the benefits and new features of this web browser

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The Strong Random Password Generator Tool

Use this strong random password generator tool to safely and instantly create secure passwords for your accounts that are difficult to crack or guess

The Strong Random Password Generator ToolSitemap
Strong Random Password Generator

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Some professionals recommend you don't update your BIOS unless absolutely necessary. This is good advice if you are a true novice
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