Comodo Cleaning Essentials

by Jackie

Comodo Cleaning Essentials In Action

Comodo Cleaning Essentials In Action

Hi Steve. I don't actually have an anti-malware program installed on my computer.

I have Microsoft Security Essentials installed for virus protection, but use Comodo Cleaning Essentials to periodically check for Malware.

COMODO Cleaning Essentials does not install onto your computer. It runs without installing and is best used for when you suspect Malware has infected your machine.

Whether I suspect Malware is on my computer or not, I run Comodo every week just to make sure I haven't contracted anything.

I know I could install an anti-malware program, but I like Comodo, and it does what I need it to do!

I run a Full Scan rather than a Smart Scan or Custom Scan. It takes quite a while to complete, which tells me it is a thorough scan that is taking place.

When the scan is completed, it always asks to reboot your computer. This is to ensure no Malware has been missed.

Thank you, Jackie, for taking the time to write your web page on this interesting anti-malware tool.

Comodo is an effective tool for removing suspected Malware programs.

According to the various reviews I have read through, Comodo does not remove every single element of the Malware from your computer.

However, this is not so much of an issue because the payload (the part of the Malware program that makes it work) is removed, making any other elements of the program dormant.

Jackie, I would strongly advise you install an anti-malware program onto your computer, and use Comodo to help remove stubborn Malware such as Rootkits, which it is fantastic at detecting and eliminating.

COMODO Cleaning Essentials does not scan in real time. It is a reactive removal tool, which means it is very useful, but only after Malware has entered your machine.

Comodo also comes with a couple of other tools you could make use of:

COMODO Autorun Analyzer shows you what is running on your computer and puts each object into a logical category.

Most home computer users won't use this tool. However, if you know a bit about computers, one thing you could do is go to the Logon Category and review what is loading as your computer starts up.

See anything you don't need or use any more? Untick the box to prevent loading, or right click and delete completely.

COMODO KillSwitch is an advanced utility, just like Autorun Analyzer, which monitors your computer's processes and highlights any that are unsafe.

Click the KillSwitch Menu Title, then select the Kill All Unsafe Processes option. If any are running, this tool will kill them.

If you decide to use either of these tools, make sure you know what you are doing first, otherwise you could seriously damage your computer.

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