HijackThis - Your Friend Against Problematic Malware

by Steve
(Manchester, UK)

HijackThis Scan Results

HijackThis Scan Results

I use the HijackThis tool. I think it is a brilliant piece of freeware. It creates a snapshot of what is loaded on your computer.

The results of the snapshot are analysed to determine whether there is any specific types of Malware present.

In most cases, what is loaded on your computer is safe. However, some Spyware<, specifically those written to take over your browser and do things like change your home page or send your search results to another site, are so sneaky that even well known anti-malware tools such as Ad-Aware, will not detect or remove them.

I like HijackThis because it focuses on the MalWare writers' tricks they used to infect your computer.

You install the program, then click the Scan button for the scan to take place. It doesn't usually take too long.

If you have never used HijackThis before. I strongly recommend you DO NOT Analyse or Fix any of the items yourself. This is a tool for those who have a bit of experience with computers.

You don't want to remove files that could stop your computer from working properly!

I advise, instead of trying to work what the log file is telling you, upload it or copy it to a site such as HijackThis Log File Analysis Site.

To achieve this, click the Save Log Button and save the log file to your computer. Open the saved file, copy the contents, then go to the above website and copy the details to the text box.

Click the Analyze Button. Scroll down the assessment and decide which entries need to be deleted.

The visitor's Assessment and information columns are provided based on what others think of the entries.

For example, some are marked as Safe or Very Safe, and if you click these, a pop-up box appears with some more detail about what other visitors have said about that particular entry.

If the information says a log entry is possibly nasty, click the safety gauge, as it may be a legitimate file that you do not want to delete.

If you find something you decide to delete, search your log file within HijackThis to find the entry. Check the box, then click the Fix Checked Button.

Hopefully, you will find HijackThis helpful too.

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HijackThis Benefits
by: Steve

Hello Steve. Thank you for your excellent web page based on the HijackThis Malware detection tool.

I think you have done a fantastic job in describing what HijackThis does and how it works.

However, I do advise caution to all Home Computer Users. Make no mistake, this tool is for advanced computer users only!

If you delete something that is critical to the running of your computer, it may not boot or work properly after you restart. Use with EXTREME caution!!

The HijackThis Log File Analysis Site is an excellent resource for home Computer Users who have some experience in detecting and removing Malware.

There are some very clever people who have shared their knowledge and experience to help you interpret the log file after you scan your computer.

As Steve says, if you feel confident about using this tool, always click the Visitor's Assessment for each entry to see what others have said about this particular discovery in the log file.

Make sure you are absolutely certain before deleting anything through HijackThis.

If you know something about taking computer images, I would advise you take an image of your computer (using Clonezilla or equivalent).

This ensures you can restore your machine to exactly the same state before deleting anything.

Alternatively, you could back up all of your information and/or use the Windows-based tools such as the System Restore.

Whatever you do, please ensure you plan for the worst-case scenario. Yes, it takes more time, and there is only a button to press.

However, believe me, if you think 'my computer will be fine - nothing bad will happen', then something bad WILL happen.

Take it from someone who knows from bitter experience! I've been there and done it in my early technical support career.

Be patient. Take all the necessary steps, so you don't lose anything. Take steps if you can to ensure your system can be restored.

Then, and only then, should you use the Fix checked button after reviewing other assessment of the log file entry. You will be glad you did.

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