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by Alan

CMOS Battery

CMOS Battery

Thanks for all your information about AMI...

Please tell me how I can reset the BIOS password on my Sony VAIO CW Series (VPCCW)

After I updated my BIOS Utility I am unable to access the BIOS, and I require a password that I didn't create

Please reply my message!

Thanks, Al

Hello Alan. Thank you for your request. There are a couple of options open to you, which I will outline below.

1. Remove the CMOS Battery

This is straightforward to do on a PC. Simply pop open the chassis and remove the CMOS battery (as pictured above) from its place on the motherboard. You will recognize it because it is big, silver, and usually has the words Lithium Battery CR2032 written on it.

Be careful when removing the battery. They are usually fit quite tight into their placeholder and sometimes held in place by a little metal bar.

Leave the battery removed for a couple of minutes or so.

While your computer is switched off, the CMOS memory is wiped, which also removes the password.

However, be careful using this method, as it also resets all of your BIOS settings to factory standard.

If you have changed any other BIOS settings, you will need to change them again once you put the battery back in and close your PC back up.

For Laptops, however, this option can be a little tricky to do. Often you cannot gain access to the battery.

Laptops can also have a security chip on the motherboard which you would have to remove. I don't recommend this option.

However, some modern Laptops have a cable you can unplug to reset the BIOS. Alan, I recommend you watch the how to reset BIOS password video. This just might answer your question.

2. Reseat the Motherboard Jumper

Most PC motherboards have a jumper that clears BIOS passwords and settings. The location of the jumper really depends on the motherboard. Check your computer manual or look on the motherboard itself for the label.

The label, printed/a> on the motherboard, usually says something like CMOS, CLEAR or CLR (As the image above shows).

The jumper is sat on 3 pins, either centre-left (as the image above shows) or centre-right.

To reset the BIOS, ensure your PC is switched off, then move the jumper to the opposite pin. For example, the jumper in the image above would be moved to centre-right. Leave it there for a few seconds, then move it back to its original position (centre-left in this example).

Switch your PC back on and your BIOS password should be removed.

3. Software Option

There are BIOS/CMOS Password Recovery tools available cross the Internet (Some you need to pay for) that will work immediately to remove your forgotten password.

If you search for BIOS Password Recovery Tool, many results come back.

4. Manufacturers Master Password

Sony and other manufacturers usually have a master BIOS password that overrides anything you set up. These master passwords are hard-coded into the BIOS programming, which protects them from anything you might do.

You can contact your Computer/Laptop manufacturer and ask them for the master password. Some will give you it, others will charge for the privilege.

Again, a lot of these master passwords are published on blogs and other websites. Simply searching for them and there is a good chance you will find the password you are looking for.

Alan, this is another option open to you.

I hope this is of help to you Alan, and anyone else who reads this page. If you require any further assistance, please go to my Get In Touch page (link at the bottom of every page) and ask away.

Thank you for listening.

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