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This is another page I often stop by frequently to see what's going on in the world of iPads, Tablet computing and Apple products in general.

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Don't forget to take a look at the other pages in this series.

iPad Revolution depicts the history of tablet computing, how we arrived at the Apple iPad abd the influence it has on our daily lives.

The iPad Manual tutorial focuses on how to use your device better. It is crammed with hints and tips including some brilliant video's by iPad experts.

Find My iPad shows you the techniques and software available to locate your device in the event of misplacement or theft.

iPad Updates shows you how to keep your device's Operating System (iOS) up to date. Note this tutorial is based on iOS v7.

Following the release of iOS v8 in September 2014, this additional tutorial outlines the broad similarities in updating the two versions.

After reading through these two articles, future iOS released should hold no fear for you!

Another Chance To See The Annotated Picture Of The iPad
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Front View of the Apple iPad with Annotation

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