Live Cam InPerson HD Webcam

by Karen
(Boise, Idaho, USA)

Live! Cam-inPerson HD Webcam

Live! Cam-inPerson HD Webcam

I have a Live! Cam InPerson HD Skype HD Webcam. I haven't had it long, but it is certainly an improvement on my older Logitech Webcam, which used to freeze intermittently.

I have friends and family that live in various locations across the country and abroad.

We all use Skype to keep in contact and there is nothing more frustrating than disruption to your communication, be it with you sound or video stream.

I decided to buy this webcam because first and foremost it is Skype certified. I also have High Definition TV and love the quality, so my replacement webcam had to be HD.

According to my friends and family, with other webcams I have used, when I move too quickly, the video footage at their end freezes.

It then jumps forward, and they didn't see what I was going fully. This disrupts the flow of the conversation and action, which I found very frustrating!

The other requirement was to minimize the disruption to sound. This webcam has 4 inbuilt microphones, ensuring sound the quality.

It also comes with something called Live! Central 3 Software with all sorts of features, although I must admit I haven't used any of these 'gimmicks'.

This webcam is easy to connect. I think you need a fairly modern computer. It plugs into a USB port, ask for the drivers that comes with the CD, and away you go.

I didn't even have to refer to the quick start leaflet that it come with.

The webcam cost around $189, which for the quality and frequency I use, it is money well spent.

I do not have any complaints about my Creative Labs product. I have had nothing but good experiences. I would certainly advise others to look towards Creative Labs for their products too.

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Webcam Quality Evolving
by: Steve

Hi Karen. Thank you for taking the opportunity to write your web page on a creative Labs product you have recently purchased.

In my place of work, we use Microsoft Lync and entry-level Logitech Webcams. The quality of the audio and video are excellent.

Some webcams are in the lower end of the market are of poor quality. However, it depends on what you want to use them for.

In your case, you needed a higher quality webcam as you Skype frequently. I am pleased it has improved your experience.

I have found that the audio and/or video jitter can be down to numerous factors, not least the size and speed (Bandwidth) of your connection to the other side.

When streaming content connections are established (as in the case of your Skype sessions), the speed of the traffic (e.g. your movements and speech) always takes the lowest common denominator.

This means all the quicker parts of the link slow down to the slowest part of the link.

If the slowest part of the link is very slow, that affect the rest of the connection, and could be the cause of the sticking and disruption you experience.

I've taken a look at the webcam you purchased. It is a good, solid product. 12-megapixel HD camera with compression to reduce the size of the data and multiple microphones that eliminate ambient noise (i.e. background noise).

The auto focus technology is also an attractive feature, although I have found the image goes blurry first before auto-correction.

This is better than being permanently out of focus, but I must admit I do find it distracting at times.

You are correct in your assumption that your computers specification needs to be fairly high (Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz CPU and 2 GB RAM). You also need 1Mbps broadband connection.

These specifications are OK for recent computers.

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