MS Word 2007 Border Irritation

by Evan Malherbe
(South Africa)

Word 2013 Remove Watermark Option

Word 2013 Remove Watermark Option

Hi, I am a fellow Site Build It user and I thought I would submit this C2 entry after reading the "C2 Pay it forward" thread on the forums. My name is Evan Malherbe and my website is at Escape Crime. Anyway, on to my computer problem!

The problem I was having was a silly one, but SO frustrating! I am a primary school teacher, and I was creating an exam paper on Microsoft Word 2007. While separating one exam question from another, I made the mistake of putting a line of several hyphens (-) and then pressing ENTER.

Of course, Word often auto-creates a line across the page. Now normally this is fine and even desired, but this time the line was NOT wanted!

But do you think I could get rid of it? Oh my gosh. I spent more than 20 minutes trying to remove it to no avail. I could not select it and when I pressed backspace to delete it, I would just end up deleting some words ABOVE the line!

Anyway, EVENTUALLY I could get rid of it. Actually, it was my wife who figured out the solution!

It turns out that the line was a TOP border for the sentence UNDERNEATH the line.

So, I could get rid of it by selecting the sentence underneath the irritating line, then going to the "Paragraph" subsection of the menu (on the "Home" tab) and clicking on the "Borders" customization icon. Once there, I selected "No border" from the options.

Problem SOLVED! I was SO relieved. I felt so stupid for taking so long to figure it out (well, I didn't figure it out! My wife did, bless her heart.)

Hello Evan. Thank you for taking the time to contribute.
You have my full sympathies with the issue you describe. Modern software applications such as Microsoft Office come with more and more features, and it is difficult to spot the simple errors.

I recently had a similar issue with a watermark I could not remove. Normally, in Word 2013 you go to Design > Watermark > Remove Watermark. I did the classic end user thing and repeated the steps numerous times!

In the end, it wasn’t a watermark embedded in the document. Someone had added an image of the watermark to each page and set the Wrap Text > Behind Text option, so it behaves like an embedded watermark.

I simply clicked the image and deleted it.

PS: Love your website. I will be contributing a page in due course!

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