Reasons For Internet Explorer Crashing

by Jason
(Burnley, UK)

Google Redirect

Google Redirect

I have experienced the Google Redirect virus on several occasions. Each time it was a nightmare to remove.

I am pleased I watched the video on your site, as it has given me something else to try If it happens again.

Each time I have contracted the Google Redirect virus (3 times in recent years!) I have ended up having to build my computer again from scratch.

It has taken me days to do as I have to find all my CDs/DVDs and licence keys to reinstall of my software.

My better half and children always get frustrated when she wants to access her Facebook account and the kids want to play their computer games.

The other thing that has slowed Internet Explorer down for me is when I have several tabs open with embedded videos in them (just like the video on your web page).

I sometimes get Adobe Flash Player Plugin crashes. The web browser slows down, then eventually grinds to a halt for several seconds before crashing.

I have to load up my web browser again, and there is no guarantee it won't happen again. I end up having to restart my computer, which seems to help.

Quite often, I use Web Proxy's. I think there is so much online identity theft that it is safer for me and my family to use one when online. I use Hide My Ass, which is straightforward to use.

I have used several web proxies over the years. On occasion, they slow down my web browser as it waits for a response from the Server, especially when it is during busy periods.

I also think having far too much software installed on your computer can slow down Internet Explorer and your PC in general.

When I rebuild my computer, I always try to minimize the number of software program's I put back on. Somehow we always end up installing stuff we hardly ever use.

My machine and Internet Explorer always seems to run faster after a rebuild.

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IE Performance Explained
by: Steve

Thank you, Jason, for sharing your thoughts and experiences. I am pleased the video has helped you with Google Redirect.

Rebuilding your computer from scratch is a last resort in lots of situations, as there are usually several things you can try first, as explained in the video.
Web Browser plug-ins crash regularly in my experience, although me often in Mozilla Firefox or Waterfox than Internet Explorer.

It is always worth confirming you have the latest version of the plug-in, or at least the version of the plug-in you currently have installed is not corrupted or incompatible with your web browser.

A web proxy acts as your computer's point of contact to the Internet. Like a Hollywood Agent, a web proxy will take your demands (i.e. Clicking the link to go to that website) and pass your demand onto the Server that the website sits on.

When the web proxy server gets a reply, it passes on the information to your computer (i.e. the website loads in your web browser).

Web proxies are used for protection. For example, the OpenDNS Web Proxy protects Schools and home computer users from illegal and offensive content you may have mistakenly requested by checking the details before passing it onto your computer.

If your proxy rules say something like "If a request includes guns, block the website from view", that's exactly what it will do if you try to view a website about a gun club, for example.

Legitimate web proxies usually do not slow down your Internet access. Illegal Web Proxies are generally poor performers and can cause delays to your internet Access.

Illegal web proxies are used for things like keeping users Internet activity secret or making their online identity private.

Keeping junk off your computer is always a good idea. Being a computer technician, my computer fills up quickly with software I review and experiment with.

However, the mantra of only installing what you need and keeping it up to date is a good way to keep your computer manageable.

There are also lots of ways you can keep your computer performing optimally. Running utilities such as CCleaner and Defragmenting your hard drive regularly keeps your computer in good working order.

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