Reveton Trojan Infection

by Martin
(Norwich, UK)

Metropolitan Police Fraud Message

Metropolitan Police Fraud Message

The Trojan Horse I was hit with is called Trojan:Win32/Reveton.A.

It is a scary virus that locks up your computer and displays the very disturbing picture on your screen above.

In my case, the first thing I read was:

METROPOLITAN POLICE Attention! Illegal activity

It looks like it has been sent by the Metropolitan Police and accuses you of looking at illegal material on the Internet.

It goes on to say that to unlock your computer, you must pay a fine of up to £100, and gives you some options for paying this fine online.

Well, I was mortified, shocked and scared. I thought they must be mistaken, I have never been to any of the sorts of sites they are accusing me of.

After I calmed down, I loaded my husbands computer and carried out some research. To my relief, then anger, I found out I was victim to a Ransomware Trojan Horse or Browser Hijacker.

It is fake and if you pay the ransom you are giving your hard earned money to online fraudsters!

I called a friend of mine to help remove this nasty. They researched the virus and followed the instructions below to remove it:

1. Downloaded the GridinSoft Trojan Killer installation file to a USB Stick

2. Inserted the USB Stick into my computer

3. Switched my computer on (It was switched off at the time)

4. Continually hit the F8 key on the keyboard until he got the boot menu on screen. He then booted my computer up in Safe Mode with Command Prompt

5. At the Command Prompt, he typed the word explorer and pressed the Enter Key

6. He then expanded My Computer and navigated to the USB drive

7. He ran the GridinSoft Trojan Killer install file from the USB Pen

8. The Trojan removal software identified the files for this Ransomware and removed it from my computer

9. My friend then typed shutdown /r /t 0 then pressed the Return Key

10. when my computer restarted, it worked perfectly, to my relief!

I was so paranoid of getting this virus again, I bought a licence for GridinSoft Trojan Killer and ran it again after the updates were applied.

It found more files for this Trojan, which thankfully were also removed. I checked my computer and didn't find any of my files missing.

Virus writers do not have a moral bone in their body. To me, it looks like pure greed motivates them. They may as well rob you in the street!

The law needs to be more strictly applied to stop this form of fraud. I dread to think how much money they have made from this. It is sickening!!

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Thank You!
by: Anastasiia

Thanks to Martin for his article "Reveton Trojan Infection"! We are glad that our product saved your computer, :) GridinSoft Trojan Killer can help you with another kind of malware too.

Best regards,
Anastasiia Malinskaya
Sales Director
Ukraine, 03194
Kiev, L.

Ransomware Tricks
by: Steve

Thank you, Martin, for writing your web page, which must have been a frightening experience.

I am pleased to hear you found out that this Trojan is a fake produced by cyber criminals. There is no legitimate authority behind the message that appears on your screen.

This particular strain of virus is expanding into areas such as claiming your illegal activity includes downloading music illegally.

In addition, those who have been duped into paying the fine do not have their computers unlocked!.

Without the excellent step-by-step instructions you provided Martin, lots of victims would be $$$ out of pocket and would have to take their machines to a Small Computer Business Repair company for fixing.

Gridinsoft Trojan Killer is a good, solid product to help remove Ransomware.

In the 'General Malware Removal Principles' section of the programs Help file, it says the first thing you must not do is Panic!

It warns about making quick decisions in haste which can leave you out of pocket, and it is a worse situation than before.

I am pleased to read you managed to compose yourself and tackle the problem with a rational mind!

Trojan Killer also comes with additional tools that compliment the Malware removal process.

Quite often Malware will change your computer settings.

When you remove the offending program, the settings that were changed often remain in the changed state.

Some additional tools included in Trojan Killer include:

1. Reset IE Settings: Resets Internet Explorer Home, Start and Search Page settings

2. Reset Update Polices: Resets the Windows Update settings, so your computer continues to receive the latest Microsoft patches. This ensures your computer is secured against vulnerabilities that Malware writers attempt to exploit

3. Restore Hidden Files: Restores missing files, folders, desktop icons and programs in the start menu. These settings are often changed by virus writers

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