System Restore Fixes Corrupt Computer Game

by Andy

Football Manager DLL Error Message

Football Manager DLL Error Message

My son installed a new computer game the other day and for the life of me, could we make it work properly?

We tried removing it, the installing it again, and all we got was this funny DLL error message (See screen shot above).

My son really wanted to play this computer game. We looked into what was wrong and come across your page on performing a System Restore.

When the computer restarted, we tried installing the computer game again, and it worked fine.

We have no ideas what could have happened the first time round, but we are grateful we could sort it out.

Thank you, Andy, for taking the time to write your very own web page. Your contribution is much appreciated.

I notice from your screen shot that the computer game in question is Football Manager 2010.

I love Football Management games. I spent a lot of my childhood playing these types of games on the ZX Spectrum.

International Manager, Tracksuit Manager and On the Bench were some of my favourites!

Unfortunately, I do not have much time for gaming these days due to work commitments and of course my commitment to developing and improving this website. Games have advanced so much I probably couldn't get my head around all the things to play them properly anyway!

This particular issue is a common one. I'm pleased to hear that a System Restore got the game up and running for you.

However, another simpler solution exists for this problem, which doesn't require the extreme measure of undertaking a System Restore.

If it happens again in the future, go to the Sports Interactive website ( and search for the download.

Unzip the file and copy it to c:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010 (overwrite the file if it exists, or rename the existing file if you like).

Do this before you try loading the game. Everything else being well, this should resolve the problem for you.

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