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by Cynthia

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Trusteer Rapport Logo

IE8 on my computer has been running slow and freezing frequently, so I did a lot of research and changed some settings.

I noticed that I had a program I couldn't remember installing: Trusteer Rapport. I did more research and discovered that some bank sites push you to install this, which is why I must have downloaded it.

The consensus seems to be that it doesn't provide much protection, but does cause IE to slow down on many computers.

I uninstalled it about a week ago and IE8 hasn't frozen since (although it's still slow).

Hello Cynthia. Thank you for taking the time to contribute. It is very much appreciated.

Looking through the various forums and consumer feedback sites, there is a mixed bag of responses as to the quality of Trusteer Rapport.

Some say it is a quality product. Some say it caused them nothing but problems, including display issues, trouble logging into other websites other than their bank, and computer performance issues.

One forum member described Trusteer Rapport as Bloatware, i.e. takes up a lot of your computers resources unnecessarily when running and updating.

I know you uninstalled the software, Cynthia. However, if there are still Trusteer Rapport Services running on your machine it could be a factor in why your web browser is still running slowly.

Some forum contributors say it is difficult to remove. Trusteer have admitted uninstalling issues in the past, then release a software update claiming the issue fixed, only for reports to appear online that it re-occurs after a couple of weeks!

There is some positive feedback online regarding financial protection. One contributor told how Trusteer Rapport flagged a spoof eBay site, set up by cyber criminals, which his computer was re-directed to, when he was in the process of buying an expensive auction item.

If the flag wasn't raised, this person would have given his money for the item to the cyber criminals, and of course would not have received anything in return.

If you or someone you know have lost financially due to online cyber crime it makes you much more vigilant, and likely to use Trusteer Rapport if your bank recommends it.

I suspect the banks recommend this security software because of the proliferation of cyber crime, and of course, the amount of money they have to give to their customers who are conned online.

I don't use Trusteer Rapport personally. If you are careful with your Internet Activity (including the sites you buy from) and have a decent anti virus program installed, I think you should be adequately protected without Trusteer Rapport.

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So slow
by: Anonymous

Having installed Rapport on my Laptop and net book, I have had nothing but problems. Very slow system performance, very slow logon and problems loading various programs. Having found Rapport continually sitting at the top processes page in task manager, grabbing large chunks of resources, I decided it had to go. Following removal of Rapport, system speed and logon are back to pre-Rapport values. Happy days

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