Windows 8 Review

by Charlie
(New York)

Windows 8 Splash Screen

Windows 8 Splash Screen

I would like to see a Windows 8 Review on your website. I am interested in your perspective on the new Operating System from Microsoft, which is due for release later in 2012.

NOTE:- Windows 8.1 has been released since this submission was made, and Windows 10 is scheduled for release on the 29th July 2015.

I have downloaded the Consumer Preview and had a play about with it. Here are my observations and thoughts so far:

It is a multi-faceted Operating System for both Home and Business use. It is designed to run on PC, Laptops and Mobile Devices such as Tablet PCs.

It is straightforward to install. You don't get much choice of actions through the install progress. Most of it is automated, which makes it easier for home computer users now more than ever.

The most significant change that I can see is the Metro UI. The Metro User Interface is similar to what you get on a Windows Phone - Scrolling list if menu icons you can touch to load.

Tablet PCs or computers with touch screen will be able to scroll across the page and touch the applications they are interested in running.

Downloaded or installed games to the new Internet Explorer 10 are available through the Metro UI.

One of the choices you have is to run the desktop that we all take for granted today, as an application! This enables you to use Windows 8 just like Windows 7.

Common features such as Windows Explorer, Task Manager and the Start Menu are almost exactly the same. However, the detail and thumbnail view of images are gone from Windows Explorer.

You actually have the Microsoft Office 2010 Ribbon across the top of Windows Explorer.

Metro Apps will be downloadable just like applications from Apple iTunes or an Android online App Store. I suppose this is Microsoft's way of challenging Apple and others for a piece of the action.

Another cool feature I was reading about is Windows To Go. This enables you to load Windows 8 from a USB 3.0 Flash Drive or External Hard Drive.

Also, support tools such as the Recovery Console are replaced by new features such as Refresh and Reset.

Refresh restores Operating System files back to their original state. Reset puts Windows 8 files back to factory default settings.

User Profiles and data are protected by both of these support options.

All in all, I think this is a very bold move by Microsoft. They are breaking away from their usual conventional Operating System to a more integrated approach which pulls all the things we want to use, together in one place, i.e. Applications, Social Networking, Broadcasting, Music/Video to share, etc.

Will it be a success? Time will tell. It will either be revolutionary or will go down in the annals of history alongside Windows ME and Vista.

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Windows 8 Is A Disaster!
by: Derrick

Well, here we are 2 years on from release and I have to say it is pretty embarrassing for Microsoft to have to release Windows 8.1 so soon.

Billed as an update, it is quite a ratification of the new Operating System to improve things like the desktop and brining back the start button/menu.

It looks like mixing the mobile/desktop models together has failed miserably. A little too ambitious, some might say.

I am generally a fan of Microsoft's products, and I think Windows 7 is great. I wonder when Windows 9 is due for release and whether Microsoft will manage to resolve the issues they have created for themselves with Windows 8, and most likely, Windows 8.1.

by: Anonymous

I absolutely hate the way the screen displays!! It is very hard to read. The background is black, and it is hard on my eyes. What was wrong with the Windows 7 display?

Microsoft Windows 8
by: Steve

Thank you, Charlie, for your web page contribution.

Windows 8 is certainly on my agenda for eComputerZ, and I will be looking into Microsoft's new Operating System in some detail.

NOTE:- The focus is on Windows 10. Released Wednesday 29th July 2015

Windows 8 marks a big shift in focus for Microsoft. I think they have seen there is huge potential in the Mobile Device market (Currently cornered by Apple, but lots of rivals are emerging on the horizon).

The emergence of the Microsoft Tablet PC (Called Surface) is testament to this view. The Windows 8 Tablet is a full Microsoft product - hardware and software - just like the Apple iPad.

Let battle commence!

The new Metro UI underlines the convergence of Mobile Phone technology, PC technology and Laptop technology. Metro UI looks similar to what you get on modern smartphones, for example.

Also, the emergence of Social Networking and mobile working has created a new market for Software such as Metro UI and hardware such as the Apple iPad and the Google Android tablet.

Consumerization means such requirements are now a necessity in the Business arena, with emerging and increasing requests for mobile technology to support things like Healthcare.

The new look and feel will take some time to get use to. Metro UI must work well for both mouse point and click devices as well as mobile touch devices.

I am pleased to hear Microsoft have not forgotten about the troubleshooting tools we all need to keep our systems up and running.

The REFRESH and RESET modules sound like good improvements on the Recovery Console.

Ease of use for everyday home computer users is essential. Stability of the tools is also a necessity, as we want to be able to rely on such tools to work properly when called upon.

I agree, this is a big move by Microsoft. Price will be a significant factor in addition to the stability and usability of the new products Microsoft will be marketing.

It will be interesting to see where we are in 12 months to 2 years time. I suspect the landscape will have changed significantly from where we are today. In whose favour? That is more difficult to predict!

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