McAfee Error Code WINERR RegDelete Key()failed

by Judy Week
(New Braunfels, TX)

McAfee periodically blocked my America Online (AOL) Browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser and Google Chrome Browser.

McAfee also blocked AOLTopSpeed. This is a web acceleration software designed to speed up your web browsing experience.

AOL Top Speed saves frequently visited web page files in a special local browser cache, which it checks when I visit a web page before seeking out the required files on the AOL Service.

I contacted AOL Live Help every day for more than TWO Weeks!. I was given conflicting information regarding a solution to the issues of the web browsers and AOL TopSpeed.

NONE of these issues were resolved.

I gave up and deleted the McAfee software. My next step was to use the McAfee Removal Tool.

I used the McAfee Removal Tool FIVE Times! The removal tool Failed to remove all traces of McAfee. I received the following error message:

Error Code:
WINERR RegDelete Key()failed. Error: 5
Failed to remove HKCR\file\shellex

I did a web search and tried to delete instances of McAfee. However, there are still traces of McAfee of my machine, which I am finding very difficult to remove.

In conclusion, my experience tells me that McAfee DO NOT offer quality security products.

There's a section under McAfee Firewall to select the option to decide whether to block items. I clicked the no block option, but McAfee still blocked the items. This is simply unacceptable.

I decided to download Norton Internet Security Free 30 Day Trial. I am very impressed with this product!

Norton Internet Security is a total computer security suite protecting from viruses, malware and cyber criminal activity.

It includes continuous live updates, which is one thing less to worry about.

Personally, I would rather pay for a product that keeps my computer safe and running smoothly, then use the one that is free from AOL.

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McAfee Virus Removal Tool
by: Steve

Thank you for taking the time to post your experiences, Judy. It is much appreciated!!

I have also experienced the frustration in removing McAfee products from my clients computers. It is a known issue with McAfee products in the IT Industry.

There are several McAfee Customer Service options we can try, such as the free telephone support numbers or the McAfee Virtual Technician Tool (Although I understand why you would not want to install any more McAfee products on your computer!).

If (some say when) the McAfee Removal Tool fails, searching for and deleting the word 'McAfee' from the Registry usually does the trick.

If this fails, you can use a free Registry cleaning tool such as what comes with CCleaner, for example.

However, even the IT Professionals need to be careful when working on a computers registry. If you delete Registry keys without at least making a backup you may have to rebuild your computer from scratch, or find instability issues in the future e.g. unable to install/uninstall programs properly, Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD), Exception Faults, etc.

As a general rule, non-IT Professionals should not mess with the Registry.

For info, the error message you experienced was a result of the McAfee Removal Tool being unable to delete certain DLL (Dynamic Library Link) references from your computers Registry, i.e. the database that holds all of your computers configuration settings and options.

When you right-click a file or folder, you see a context menu, and one of the options will have been to scan with the McAfee product. The registry reference in your error message was for this right-click menu option.

The McAfee Removal tool should have picked this up, but it looks like there was a permissions issue accessing that part of the Registry on your machine (The HKCR\file\shellex bit).

Either way, I hope your issue is now fully resolved.

I have used Norton's products for over 10 years and I must agree they work very well. The Live Update option has never failed me, and Norton’s Free Virus Removal Tools such as the Zero Access Fix tool (For removing the Trojan.Zeroaccess virus) has helped enormously in reviving clients computers.

I have also used the Norton Ghost program to clone computers and various other Norton utilities. Each has proven to be efficient and stable.

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