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Dell Online Support looks at what you need to know to get the most out of the available Technical Support routes.

We look how to get a quick response from Technical Support, and how to find the right information on line to support your Dell Computer.

The Dell Support Center software tool helps you to do some of the things discussed on this page automatically.

However, some home users prefer to use the on line web facility instead of the support tool.

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Table of Contents

  1. Dell Service Tag
  2. Dell System Profiler Tool
  3. Dell Online Support: Social Media

Dell Service Tag

Computer help is available through the Dell Support page (Opens New Window). To take advantage of what is available, the first thing you need to know is how to find your Service Tag or Express Service Code.

The Service Tag is a code unique to your computer that enables Dell to determine your warranty agreement and provide the right technical support, including the Support Drivers, for your computer.

Dell Online Support: Service Tag
(Click Image To Enlarge)

A Dell Dimensions Service Tag

Dell computers tend to have the Service Tag either on the back of the base unit, or on the side. Laptops tend to have the service tag on the bottom of the device.

Click here (Opens New Window) for more information on how to locate your Service Tag or Express Service Code on a variety of devices.

The Service Tag should be easy to find. However, sometimes the service tag label has somehow been removed from the computer base unit. I find this is often the case on older Dell computers.

Modern Dell computers tend to have labels that are more sturdy and more difficult to remove.

Earlier computers have paper based labels which are easy to remove with your fingers, or by accident when cleaning your computer chassis.

If you are still struggling to find your Service Tag, or it has been removed from your computer, Dell offer a small utility called the System Profiler Tool, which will automatically find your service tag for you.

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Dell System Profiler Tool

The Profiler Tool is a small utility you install on your computer. It reads that part of your computers BIOS that contains your Service Tag, and displays it on screen for you.


The Dell Profiler Tool is discontinued

  • This tool only works with Internet Explorer. Therefore make sure you are using this web browser before continuing.

  • Click the System Profiler Tool link above, then click the Yes, I Do Agree link on the System Profiler screen.

Dell Online Support: System Profiler Tool Disclaimer
(Click Image To Enlarge)

System Profiler Tool Disclaimer

  • Left Click the Install This Add-On For All Users On This Computer... prompt. The image below was created on Internet Explorer 8.

System Profiler Tool Install Prompt
(Click Image To Enlarge)

System Profiler Tool Install Prompt

  • Left Click the Install Button when prompted. The name of the file depends on the version of Internet Explorer you use.

System Profiler Tool Lite Install
(Click Image To Enlarge)

System Profiler Tool Lite Install

  • The tool installs quickly, and finds your computer Service Tag for you.

System Profiler Tool Service Tag
(Click Image To Enlarge)

Service Tag via System Profiler Tool

Service Tag Found
(Click Image To Enlarge)

Online Support Service Tag Found

The next section looks at how to use Social Media to get a quick response from Dell Technical Support.

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Dell Online Support
Social Media

Dell Computer Customer Service has two good methods available for quick answers to your technical support problems. Dell Chat and the DellCares Twitter Feed.

Here we review each one. I recommend you use them if you are struggling to find answers yourself on the Dell web site.

Dell Chat (Opens New Window) is one good way to get quick answers to your customer service and technical problems. However, this option can only be used if your computer is under warranty.

Dell Chat Country Selection Page
(Click Image To Enlarge)

Dell Support Chat

Select your country from the list then enter your Service Tag in to the field provided. Click Submit. Once your warranty is verified, you are put though to a Dell technician.

Dell Chat Submission
(Click Image To Enlarge)

Dell Chat Submission

If your device is not under warranty, you are presented with links that may help you out, such as Drivers And Downloads, and Product Support.

DellCares Twitter Feed (Opens New Window) provides quick and interactive support for all your queries by Dell's Social Media Outreach Team.

DellCares Twitter Feed
(Click Image To Enlarge)

DellCares Twitter Feed

Simply sign up and Tweet your query. Response times are quick, and the technicians are very helpful.

They provide advice on how to fix problems and quick links to the Dell web site that help resolve your computer problems.

Dell Facebook Page (Opens New Window) is also a good source of information.

You won't necessarily get quick answers, but you can keep in touch about new products and other goings on.

Dell Facebook Page
(Click Image To Enlarge)

Dell Facebook Page

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