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Dell Support Online

Dell Support Online is sometimes difficult for home users to understand. Navigating the large Dell website is big and finding the exact information you need is tricky at times.

The Dell Support Center tool (now know as My Dell) is a free, easy to use application to help you maintain your home computer.

You can run PC check up tests to make sure your computer hardware components are working properly, and check things such as your Internet properties and network connection.

Dell Support Center Loading ScreenDell Support Center Loading Screen

This is the part one of a three part series based on the Dell Computer Customer Service Tool. Here we walk you through installing the support center application.

Dell computers usually come with the application already installed. If this is the case for you, go to the Loading The Dell Computer Support Center Software  section of this web page.

Alternatively, go straight to Part Two to find out how to use the tool to your benefit.

Part Three continues with how to use further options within the Software.

Have you used this tool before? Has it identified an issue with your computer? What was it and how did you go about fixing the identified problem?

Go to the Dell Support Center In Action Form at the bottom of this page. Here you can write your own personal web page about your experiences.

You can also take a look at What Other Visitors Have Said about the Dell Support Center Tool.


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Dell Support Center
Installation Instructions


As software improves and evolves, so does the installation process steps and graphics.

As I am no longer in possession of a Dell computer, I am unable to replicate the:- My Dell installation steps.

However, please note the installation steps do not tend to significantly change. Graphics do tend to change, however I believe the steps below are still useful as a guide to installing the latest version of the software.

My Dell is a single place where you can find all the relevant shortcuts to the Dell online support tools.

It does things like detect device drivers that need updating and scans hardware components for potential problems. To install the software.

1. Click this My Dell link (Opens New Window) to download the application

2. Double left-click the downloaded aulauncher.exe file

The launch files unpacks itself and the installation process starts with a check to see if there are any software updates available.

Installation Update CheckInstallation Update Check

3. When the update search finishes, left-click the update button.

Installation Update Check FinishedInstallation Update Check Finished

4. The:- My Dell tool begins to download to your computer.

Software DownloadingSoftware Downloading

5. When the download completes, click the Install button.

Installation Download CompleteInstallation Download Complete

6. The downloaded files self extract into a temporary folder and install.

File ExtractFile Extract

Software Installation In ProgressSoftware Installation In Progress

7. When installation completes, left-click the finished button.

Software Installation CompletedSoftware Installation Completed

8. On the Personalization screen, left-click the OK button.

Software Personalization DetailsSoftware Personalization Details

9. The Dell Computer Customer Support Tool loads up.

Opening ScreenOpening Screen

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Loading The Dell Computer
Support Center Software

This Dell support online tool is very easy to load once it is installed on to your computer.

Using Microsoft Windows 7, this is how you load your application.

  • Left-click the Start Button, then Programs

  • Open the Dell Support Center folder then left-click the Dell Support Center option.

Start Menu Loading LinkDell Support Online
Start Menu Loading Link

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Dell Support Online | Final Thoughts

If this is your first time using the Dell Support Center/My Dell application, the opening dashboard screen can be confusing. There is lots of information and lots of options.

When the tool first loads, it scans your machine and identifies automatically things like your computer Service Tag and Warranty Status.

The left-hand side of the screen recommends things you should do quickly, such as setting an admin account password, updating your Computer Virus program or identifying any issues with your device drivers.

Part Two looks at how to use this tool to your advantage.

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Dell Support Center In Action

Has the Dell Support Center Tool identified an issue with your Computer?

What issue did it identify? What did you do to rectify the identified problem?

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