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New Install of Windows XP Made Easy For Home PC Users

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New Install Of Windows XP is the third of a four part series on how to install the Windows XP Home Edition on to a new computer or hard disk.

This legacy operating system remains popular with home computer users. Here we look at the final set of decisions you need to make during the installation process.


Windows XP has gone End of Life (EOL) on April 8th 2014. This means no further security patches or updates for this Operating System. My advice is to move to the latest operating system version as soon as possible

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Part One walks you through the initial parts of the installation process.

Part Two talks you through the next set of choices during the installation process.

Part Four advises on the choices to be made in the final steps of the installation  process, and suggests some further tasks before installing your applications.

The Table of Contents enables you to hop to the part of the process that you are interested in.

Installation Process Recap

Part One discusses the first set of steps to take at the beginning of a new install of Windows XP. We look at.

  • Things to do before you start, such as backing up all your files and ensuring you are using an original Windows XP install CD and Licence Key

  • The first steps of the install process, such as booting from your CD and understanding the Windows Licence Agreement

Windows XP Licensing AgreementWindows XP Licensing Agreement

  • Selecting, creating and formatting partitions. Remember, it's easier to use the largest existing partition if available

Hard Drive PartitionHard Drive Partition

  • The final steps of the initial installation process, such as files copying from the CD to the hard drive.

Setup Copies FilesSetup Copies Files

Part two demonstrates other choices to make through the installation process. We discuss:

  • What is happening when the installation process is collecting information and preparing the installation. 

  • The choices during the installation process, such as entering your licence key and naming your computer.

Windows XP Product KeyWindows XP Product Key

The next section of the tutorial series completes the installation process.

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Final Installation Steps

After you select the Typical Settings option at the Network Settings stage, Windows XP Home Edition continues with the installation process.

  • On the Workgroup or Computer Domain, if prompted, select the option No, this computer is not on a network.... Leave the default WORKGROUP setting in place.

Windows XP Workgroup Or DomainWindows XP Workgroup Or Domain

  • Windows XP Home Edition continues with the installation process. More marketing screens outlining the benefits is displayed, such as Device Support and enhanced Security.

Device Support and Enhanced SecurityNew Install of Windows XP
Device Support and Enhanced Security

  • The installation process moves onto the Finalizing Installation stage. 

    This is where the choices you made during the installation process are saved to the new Operating System settings.
  • Your machine reboots when the Finalize Installation step completes.

  • On restart, the installation process reviews and adjusts your screen resolution in line with your machines hardware capabilities. Click OK when prompted.

Windows XP Display SettingsWindows XP Display Settings

  • When the Optimum Monitor Settings are determined, your screen resolution is changed, and you are prompted to OK the changes. 

    If you want to avoid changing the screen resolution at this time, simply let the clock count down and the resolution will revert.

Monitor SettingsMonitor Settings

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New Install of Windows XP | Final Thoughts

This tutorial ends with the completion of the Windows XP Home Edition installation process.

However, you are not done quite yet. Part Four shows you what additional steps you need to take to ensure you have a solid operating system on which to install your applications.

For extra install assistance with this version of Windows take a brief look at the Build Easy PC tutorial.

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