Computer Virus Removal

Computer Virus Removal is something you will most likely need to do at some point on your home PC.

According to McAfee there are millions of viruses live on the Internet.

This makes depressing reading. However, there are things you can do to protect yourself. This section introduces you to the world of Computer Viruses.

What are computer viruses? What are the symptoms? How do you prevent them? These questions and more are discussed in a way you understand.

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What Are Computer Viruses ?

Computer Viruses are little software programs written by Cyber Criminals that secretly spread from machine to machine.

The programs do this by attaching themselves in secret to your operating system, applications or data files; much the same way as a virus infects a human by attaching itself to you as a host and multiplying.

The writers target hosts that are vulnerable. For example, errors in your applications code. This enables their malicious programs to do their job.

The damage they do to your machine depends on the type of virus you get, just like a human infection.

Some viruses are minor, causing little disruption such as a message on your screen. Others cause significant damage such as deleting key files from your machine until it stops working.


Viruses today are written not to cause your machine to fail. They are written to covertly seal your data and often hold it to ransom!

With the proliferation of Social Media, virus writers are looking to do things like steal your identity to sell or to hold you to ransom so they can make money from you.

Follow the advice in this section to protect yourself!

Computer viruses spread in a variety of ways including rogue e-mail attachments and pirate software illegally downloaded from the Internet.

There are other types of malicious software on the Internet that can also cause damage to your machine. See the Malware Support (Opens New Window) section for more details.

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What Are Computer
Virus Symptoms?

Computer viruses can cause lots of different symptoms, such as:

  • PC running much slower than usual

  • Software programs load on their own

  • Files and folders disappear and you didn't delete them

  • Your Anti Virus Program (Opens New Window) is disabled

  • You cannot load any anti virus providers web pages

Some symptoms are masked to appear as hardware problems. For example, your computer freezes and randomly restarts often and for no reason.

While such symptoms could be hardware related, you can't rule out a virus immediately...

So, if your computer has slowed down, restarts on its own and you see unusual error messages on screen, you could be infected with a computer virus!

In the next sections we discuss what you can do to protect your machine(s) from viruses.

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How To Prevent Computer Viruses:
Find A Good Anti Virus Program

The key to dealing with malicious programs is to prevent them from entering your computer in the first place. Smart Internet surfing habits and a good Anti Virus program are your starting points.

If your machine gets infected the next best thing is to remove the offending virus quickly. Your computer security privacy may depend on it!

Anti Virus applications scan computer files on request and in the background. They look for any changes in file size and composition.

If the changes match the pattern of a known virus in the applications database, you are alerted. The Computer Virus Removal process can then begin.

Today's programs also monitor for other common malware such as trojans and worms.

Part 1 Free Virus Removal Software (Opens New Window) is the first of a 2-part series looking at popular free anti virus programs such as the AVG Virus Software (Opens New Window).

We also look at how to perform an industry trade secret to test that your computer virus removal program is performing as expected.

Part 2 Free Computer Virus Scan (Opens New Window) looks at some of the tools that are freely available from anti virus companies.

Free utilities such as the ones we look at are essential support for protecting your home PC. Your anti virus program may find some viruses difficult to remove.

Learn how to download and use these stealth tools. Chances are you will need to use them one day!

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Computer Virus Removal Software:
Microsoft Security Essentials

A very popular computer virus removal tool is Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). In a 3-part tutorial we look at how to download, install and use this program to get the most out of it.

Microsoft Security Essentials Logo
(Click Image To Enlarge)

Microsoft Security Essentials Logo

Part 1 (Opens New Window) looks at the download and install steps, and also looks at what you should do before you install MSE.

Part 2 (Opens New Window) looks at real-time protection, proactive scanning options and what to do if a malicious program is detected on your computer.

Part 3 (Opens New Window) looks at how to configure MSE. There are several options to consider for the application to suit your personal circumstances.


Microsoft Security Essentials is replaced by Windows Defender in Windows 8 and above. It is essentially the same as MSE only re-badged and re-worked for W8+.

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Free Online Virus Removal

Free Online Virus Removal looks at how to protect yourself from rogue software reporting to be legitimate computer virus remover tools.

Take a look at the image below of the Personal Antivirus program. It is a rogue program that implants malicious software on to your machine. Can you tell the difference between a rogue and genuine program?

Rogue Anti Virus Program Example
(Click Image To Enlarge)

Rogue Anti Virus Program Example

We also look at web sites that perform a one off scan to clean computer virus files from your machine. Do they work? Are they any good?

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McAfee Virus Protection

McAfee is one of the largest security companies in the word. It is owned by the Intel Corporation, famous for making computer processors. See Computer Hardware Components (Opens New Window) for more details.

A 4-part series dedicated to McAfee and computer virus removal is presented in this section.

McAfee antivirus trial software allows you to evaluate products before buying. Is it worth spending your hard earned money on? Or are free antivirus products good enough?

Computer Virus Removal McAfee Logo
(Click Image To Enlarge)

McAfee Logo

The McAfee Free Virus Scan (Opens New Window) section talks you through installing the trial version of the McAfee Antivirus program, and how it protects your machine.

Commercial Organisations such as McAfee also have a lot of free utilities on their web site that can help you further protect your devices. Are you aware of them?

Visit the McAfee Computer Virus Remover (Opens New Window) section where we look at stealth tools such as Stinger and GetSusp.

Do you want to uninstall McAfee antivirus? There are circumstances where you might want to do this, e.g. you decide to use another antivirus package.

Removing McAfee products appears to cause lots of home users problems. For various reasons the programs have not removed cleanly, causing your computer to become unstable.

The McAfee Removal Tool (Opens New Window) section walks you through the process professional computer technicians follow when uninstalling an application goes wrong.

Once you know the secret you can avoid issues that blight other home computer users! However, please ensure you have a suitable computer virus removal application available to install!

The McAfee Customer Service (Opens New Window) section looks at what McAfee offers its customers that you can take advantage of.

This includes free utilities such as the virtual technician and the security scan plus tools. Customer service advice on how to surf the Internet safely and how to contact McAfee directly is also provided in this section.

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Norton AntiVirus Support

Norton Anti Virus Protection (Opens New Window) in 2015 is much improved upon earlier iterations.

with reduced CPU and RAM utilisation when performing scans, and with integrated mobile and social media scanning, it is argued Norton is once again a credible player in the commercial anti virus market.

In this section we review Norton Anti Virus Free Trial so you get the most out of the 30 day free-to-use period. 

Norton Logo
(Click Image To Enlarge)

Norton Logo

Support for Norton looks at:

  • Free utilities Norton offers to enhance your protection

  • Norton Tech Support options to ensure you are aware of what Norton offers and to make the most out their services

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Final Thoughts

Viruses cause lots of problems for home computer users. This section helps with computer virus removal if your system happens to get infected.

The main thing is not to worry too much. Malicious programs are avoidable most of the time. Improving the security of you and your families devices is my motivation behind creating this section.

Take a look around and improve the security of your devices!

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