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Contact Me Page 3 | Notebook Date and Time Incorrect

Name: Debra Turner

Country: United States

Contact Me Question: Hi. Please help! For over a week now, when I start my computer, it flashes the BIOS American Megatrends. It just flashed a sec... not even long enough to read what it says.

I noticed my computer is taking longer to start up, and sometimes I have to put my password in twice at start up.

My time and date is wrong, and I have to fix it almost daily.... What is wrong? What do I do? Thank You

Windows 7 Date and TimeWindows 7 Date and Time Display

Contact Me Page 3 Answer:

Hello Debbie,

As your date and time is wrong, it immediately suggests an issue with your computer's CR232 Lithium-ion battery, located on the motherboard. What make/model of machine do you have and how old is it?

This will go towards determining whether the battery is a realistic issue or not. If it is this link describes how to replace the battery



Follow-Up Correspondence:

Debbie replied to the question about the make/model of her machine with: 'HP Mini Notebook 110 I think. It's about 4 years old'.

My Reply:

PCs and Laptops usually last longer before their batteries start to fail. However, that doesn't mean in all cases. I think it's a good idea to replace the battery anyway. All the issues point to this being a probable cause of your troubles. 

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Contact Me Page 3 | AMIBIOS and Screen Resolution Issue

Name: Bob Mitchell

Country: United States

Contact Me Question: I am using AMIBOIS 08.00.15 on an Ampro LB735 board.  How can I add an LCD panel resolution of 1920 x 1080? Thanks

ATI Radeon Video Card ChipATI Radeon Video Card Chip

Contact Me Answer:

Hello Bob,

I thought this screen resolution was compatible with this version of AMIBIOS. If you are using the integrated video card on your Motherboard (i.e. the 82945GSE chip) this can only cope with a maximum of 1600X1200 screen resolution for flat panels.

If you have managed to resolve your issue, I would be interested in knowing how you did it. As far as I can tell, the solution would be to buy a graphics card capable of the resolution you require.

Hope this helps.



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Contact Me Page 3 | Restoring Dell PCs to Original Factory Settings

Name: Dr William Broughton

Country: United States

Contact Me Question: I would like to restore my Dell PC to the original factory settings. Can I do it, and how can I do it, if possible?

Dell PC Tower ChassisDell PC Tower Chassis

Contact Me Page 3 Answer:

Hello Dr Broughton,

Resetting your Dell computer to its original factory settings is generally straightforward.

The first Dell troubleshooting article sends you to Dell's recommended factory resetting process section where it gives you choose which Operating System you are using:

Click this link for your Operating System. The above links don't appear to be aimed at any specific Dell model; therefore, I assume they are safe to follow irrespective of what device/model you have.

The Factory reset works because the Operating System's source files, or a clean 'image' of the O/S are stored on a hidden partition on your hard drive.

When you select the restore option in the BIOS, it invokes a format (or wiping) of your hard drive and either re-installs the O/S or re-applies the image.

This is why the articles start by recommending you back up all of your data files first.

You can do this by copying them to CD/DVD, or if you have a large amount of data, by copying them to a USB pen, external hard drive or even uploading them to a cloud-based solution e.g. OneDrive or Google Docs.

The process is straightforward. I hope this helps. If you need any further information, let me know.



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Contact Me Page 3 | Dell Inspiron One 2020 BIOS Query

Name: Stephen Brinkley

Country: United States

Contact Me Question: I am trying to help a friend with his computer.  It is a Dell Inspiron One 2020. The problem is: It evidently has a BIOS/CMOS password on it, and I cannot enter BIOS.

When I press F12 it gives me a box that says Boot Mode is set to:  UEFI; Secure boot: ON

Below that, it says:

Other Options:

Bios Setup >> When I click on this, the password box pops up, and I can go no further.

Diagnostics >> When I click on this it can do all the diagnostic tests fine but when I finish and reboot, I'm faced with the same problems.

Change Boot Mode Setting >> When I choose this, the password box pops up.

I have done everything I know:

  • Reset the password jumpers
  • Reset the CMOS
  • Taken the battery out for 20 minutes

All to no avail.

If I pushed F12 before a different box would come up, and I actually could choose the CD option but no more. 

I'm totally at a loss and desperately need some assistance, please.

Thank you

Contact Me Page 3 Answer:

Hello Stephen,

It sounds like you have done everything I would have done. Hopefully, you have resolved the issue by now, but if not, I've listed a few things below to try:

Did you take the battery out before you re-seated the jumper? The order in which these things are done can be of the utmost importance.

Take a look at this Dell Inspiron N5050 remove BIOS Password video tutorial. It is not for a 2020 but shows another method for resetting BIOS passwords which includes touching the BIOS chip with a screwdriver. May work for the 2020.

Alternatively, you can simply contact Dell and ask them how to reset the BIOS password. Try Dell Chat first.

Dell is usually helpful, and I can't see why they would not help you to remove a password you have forgotten on your machine.

Let me know how you get on.



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Contact Me Page 3 | Windows XP Reinstall Service Pack Query

Name: Art Freeman

Country: United States

Contact Me Question: What a great site! I'm replacing my Windows XP hard drive and will be using the original OEM XP Home disks. Can I upgrade to SP3 directly, or do I need to start from SP1 and then SP2? Thank you very much.

Windows XP Home Edition CDsWindows XP Home Edition CDs

Contact Me Page 3 Answer:

Hello Art,

Thank you for your kind comments.

You need to have SP2 installed first before you can install service Pack 3. You could install service Pack '1a', but ideally, you will have access to SP2. Check your CD. It may already include SP2.

I would also advise you install offline (Download the full-Service Pack(s). This is because there is a risk of being hit with all sorts of Malware and port scanners which are always probing for vulnerable machines online.

Once you have Service Pack 3 installed, apply all the security patches through Windows Updates.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your upgrade. If you need any more help, let me know.



Contact Me Page 3

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