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Contact Me Page 1 Request | CD Sign Next to Cursor

Name: Shuja

Country: United Arab Emirates

Question or Comment: Why do I see a CD sign next to my cursor even though the CD is not inserted in the drive?

Mouse with Compact DiscMouse with Compact Disc
Image attributed to: Mouse and CD-Rom © Shirley -

Contact Me Page 1 Answer:

Hello Shuja,

Thank you for contacting me. This is an interesting one as there is very little in the IT forums about your problem.

There are a couple of things I think you can try to help resolve your issue:

  • Do you have an application called Cursor XP installed? If so, remove it. This is known to cause your issue
  • If you have made any changes to your cursors, go to Control Panel > Mouse Properties and change your scheme to None. Does this resolve the issue? If so, you can change the scheme back to something of your choice.
  • Run Scandisk or CHKDSK. This fix makes some sense as it resolves issues with the File System which could be linked to your issue.

I hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.



Follow-Up Response:

Hello Steve,

Thank you for your help. It worked!!

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Contact Me Page 1 Request | Computer Supplier Problem

Name: Venus

Country: Hong Kong

Question or Comment: I have placed order on September 26th for a Desktop Inspiron One 2020 via the Internet, but so far, I have still not receive the product. How can I move the order along?

Dell Inspiron One 2020Dell Inspiron One 2020 Running the Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System

Contact Me Page 1 Answer:

Hello Venus,

Thank you for contacting me.

My advice to you is to locate your order number and phone or e-mail the Company you bought the Dell Inspiron from. Ask them what the delay is and when they think the machine will be delivered to you.

3 weeks from the day you ordered your Computer is a long time. Unless whomever you bought it from stipulated a prolonged delivery lead-time, I would expect your order to be with you by now.

If this is not the case, let the Company know you are not happy with their level of service. As a paying customer, you expect better!

I hope this advice serves you well.



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Contact Me Page 1 Request | Forgotten BIOS Password Problem

Name: Alan

Country: Iraq

Question or Comment: Thank you for your effort. It is a really amazing answer for me. I will try all of your advice.

I have one question: Please can you tell me some names of those programs to recovery the BIOS password on Sony VIO VPCCW2TGXB 64bit?

Thank you again

Alan initially replied to a response I made to a web page he wrote about Resetting Forgotten BIOS Passwords.

Contact Me Page 1 Answer:

Hello Alan,

I'm pleased to hear you find the information on your personal web page enlightening. It was a pleasure to write the response to you!

Many tools are available to reset BIOS passwords. Some examples I found are listed below:

CmosPd and KillCMOS. Listed on this page is 2 free software programs: CmosPwd and KillCMOS. Before trying these, it would be worth trying the list of known master BIOS Passwords listed for your BIOS type. One just might work!

Recover BIOS CMOS Passwords is a tutorial on how to use CmosPwd

iBIOS is a link to the !BIOS tool. According to some IT Forums, this tool works quite well too.

I hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.

Good luck,


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Contact Me Page 1 Request | Trusteer Rapport Problems

Name: Cynthia

Country: USA

Question or Comment: Thank you, Stephen. You said that sometimes Trusteer Rapport isn’t really uninstalled.

After I uninstalled it, I did file searches for “rapport” and “trusteer” and removed a few leftover files.

I just did another search, and couldn’t find any more files. Beyond that, what can I do?

Cynthia replied to a response I made to a web page she wrote about Trusteer Rapport.

Contact Me Page 1 Answer:

Hello Cynthia,

There are a few things you can do, but each comes with a degree of risk:

You may have picked up all the folders with your search, but following the instructions in this link will confirm

  • Ensure no Rapport Services are loading. Go to Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services. Search for any services beginning with Trusteer or Rapport.

If you find any related Services running, double left click and change the start-up type to disabled

  • Run a utility called CCleaner. This clears out all of your computer's temporary files and internet files, which is often a source of web browser performance issues.

Run the Registry scan option in CCleaner to see if any Trusteer Rapport registry keys appear. These can also be removed, although be Cautious when changing your registry in this way.

ALWAYS take a backup. Don't proceed if you don't know what you are doing!)

  • If it is still an option in Add/Remove Programs (or Programs and Features in Windows 7) consider using a tool called Revo Uninstaller to perform deep removal of the program
  • Also look at using a tool called Autoruns

Autoruns helps you to stop anything unnecessary that is loading at start up (also a performance improvement tool).

Some tools highlighted can take a little while to understand. However, you sound like you know your way around things, so I think you will be OK.

Let me know how you get on.

Good luck,


Follow-Up Response:

Hi Steve,

Wow. Thanks for all the constructive advice. I went to the Trusteer site and checked the four locations it listed, but I had already found all the files.

Administrative Tools/Services was clear (although it was good to learn about that; I hadn't been aware of it).

The program isn't listed in Add/Remove Program any longer, but I'm saving the tip about the uninstaller tool. I do use CC Cleaner, and I ran it again today.

There were a number of Trusteer registry keys that I removed (and of course I backed up the registry). And Autorun, that's such a cool tool. I am delighted to have it.

It's great that it shows you files that aren't doing anything, so I could get rid of them. I'm sure I could have deleted or unchecked more files than I did, but nonetheless I could uncheck many files (including a couple of Rapport files).

I *think* my system booted up more quickly after I did that. For some reason, my computer has decided that I don't have administrative rights to remove things from the start-up using msconfig, and the wireless mouse I just got puts a battery monitor in the systray that I have been wanting to remove.

I could get rid of it through Autorun. My computer is 4 years old now, so part of the slowness is probably attributable to that. However, it is faster than it was.

I appreciate your help!

Thank you,


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Contact Me Page 1 Request | Keylogger Removal

Name: Sam

Country: Canada

Question or Comment: Hi, I would like to know if MalwareBytes removes Keylogger infections from my computer or any other e-mail password hack.

My e-mail password was hacked from my computer. Therefore, I would like to know if this will protect my from keyloggers. Thank you.

Contact Me Page 1 Answer:

Hello Sam,

Thank you for contacting me, and sorry to hear about your e-mail account being hacked.

Traditionally, Malwarebytes is excellent at removing all types of Malware, except keyloggers and rootkits.

If you have a copy of Malwarebytes, even the free or trial version, ensure it is fully up-to-date and run a Full scan of your machine. Also install something like Microsoft Security Essentials and run a full up-to-date scan. At the time of writing, MSE is better at detecting and removing keyloggers than MBAM.

Also consider running HijackThis. This is excellent at detecting keyloggers.

For info, Malwarebytes are developing an Anti-Rootkit program which still hasn't been formally released, but is available in BETA format.

I hope this helps. Let me know you get on.



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