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Advanced Computer Support is a collection of informative suggestions, advice and recommendations from contributors to this website.

My aim is to bring to your attention those pages that I believe are useful as you attempt to fix your own computer-related problems.

How about knowing how to troubleshoot your sound card?

Or learning about how Claire from Massachusetts fixed an issue with her printer leaving smudged ink marks an her print outs?

Now it is your turn! I would love to learn what you know about computers. Share your experiences of computer problems and how you fix them, your recommended Laptop or Tablet, or Anti-Virus program.

Anything about computer support you are willing to share helps everyone to avoid or fix computer problems, quickly and easily.

Advanced Computer support is your place to share with the world what you know. It doesn't have to be complicated. Even the simples of issues and fixes can be a life saver for some one else!

Go on. You know you want to...!

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Network Card Configuration Settings

Advanced Computer Support
Some Site Contributors Web Pages

System Restore Fixes Corrupt Computer Game
A practical example of how a home computer user make an advanced feature of Windows XP work for Andy, and his son.

Apple Mac Book Pro Performance Problems
How Ilse from Mexico got her aging Mac Book performing again like it was new.

AVG Concerns
Ian from London explains the issues he experience when using the AVG Anti-Virus program, and why he moved to Microsoft Security Essentials.

Completely Lost ALL Sound
A baffling experience for Derrick as his computer lost all sound for no reason, and mysteriously returned following a reboot. What happened?

Extremely Efficient Malware Removal Tool
Dolores for St George, UT recommended MalwareBytes Anti-Malware to her Senior Community Computer club. Find out why here!

Why use Defraggler over the native defregmenting tools available in Windows? Robin tells you why on his web page.

OpenDNS FamilyShield
How to protect your family from the darker side of the Internet. DNS Angel is also recommended.

Remember the Commodore 64?
William from Ireland gets all nostalgic as he remember the Commodore 64 from his childhood. This post triggers my own trip down memory lane with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Trusteer Rapport
The recommended online banking security software causes lots of issues for home computer users. Read Cynthia's story.

McAfee Customer Service Problems
A good example of bad customer service. Do you have a similar experience to share?

Solid State Hard Drives
Explaining what a Solid State Hard Drive (SSD) is and how it differs from traditional Hard Drives. Is this 'new' type of Hard Drive right for you?

OpenDNS Family Shield
Free Parental Control fro all your families computers

Revo Uninstaller
This is a great free tool that helps remove stubborn applications from your machine

BIOS Access When Fast Boot Is Enabled
What is Fast Boot? How do you access it in Windows 10? How do you disable it in BIOS/UEFI?

Where Else Can I Find Help?

There are lots of sites and resources across the Internet that hold the answers you are looking for. However I will point out another great resource: The Computer Support Google Plus Community (Opens New Window).

This is my growing community discussion page where other Google Plus users join and ask IT related questions which hopefully I (and other members) can help answer.

If you are a Google Plus user please join, contribute and help the community grow and flourish. Do you think you have what it takes to be a moderator?

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